Benn Stancil, Chief Analytics Officer + Founder at Mode

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Listen to Benn Stancil discuss the Data Mesh and his experiences building data teams & technologies. He shares his thoughts on starting a data company & ways to think about data technology layers as four tiers.

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Me and a couple of other folks realized that a bunch of other people around Silicon Valley were actually building the same thing that Facebook had a version of, Airbnb and Pinterest and LinkedIn and Spotify, and all these companies had built these like internal query tools designed to help their data to do exactly. Once we sort of saw that we’re like, wait a minute, this is actually a thing that there’s a lot of demand for. We realized actually it’s not just the data teams that do that work. It’s a much wider set of people who are thinking this way and the whole entire business needs to be involved in this, not just helping a select view. but that is, that is ultimately what, what mode was and where it came from.

I am a believer in the human data mesh, but not the technical one. There are four pillars. The first tier is the bottom of it – choosing, do we use BigQuery versus taking a Netflix approach. The tier up from that is the analytics engineer model, the business part of it. You have the data, and now you’re trying to actually construct business logic around it. The tier above that is the analysts themselves who are writing queries and building stuff. And then there’s like the business consumer tier, the marketing analyst, the person not on the data team, but someone who’s a demand gen analyst who just happens to have some of my quantitative abilities.

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