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How we connect anything, everywhere.

Migrate To The Cloud Without Business Interruption

AtScale's Intelligent Data Fabric can easily be repointed from connecting BI tools with an on-premise data store to connecting those same tools with a cloud data warehouse. Business Intelligence users can continue to query data using their favorite BI tools without knowing that the data store they are querying against has changed. See how it's done in the video below.


AtScale is built for today’s data platforms and BI tools. Connect to any data platform, whether on-premises or cloud. Provide access to virtually any BI tool or custom application. Deliver “speed of thought” performance with AtScale’s tabular (SQL) and multidimensional (OLAP) interfaces.


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Big Data Platforms and Enginesbig-data-platforms-engines

Any Client, Same Answer

The OLAP engine that delivers complex analytics at scale

Don’t force your business users to learn new tools or develop new habits.

Connect the business intelligence and data visualization tools you already know and love to any data platforms with consistency, performance, and security.

Give users the business friendly interface they need without turning them into data engineers.

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Built for scale

Move beyond simple sums, averages, and counts to large scale distinct counts and quantiles using AtScale’s built-in support for HLL++ sketch sets.

Drill anywhere,
for any BI client

Find the needle in the haystack by drilling to the atomic, raw data with AtScale’s automatic data lineage and no data movement architecture.


The AtScale engine optimizes queries to automatically deliver the fastest query response time while minimizing load and improving concurrency.

& tabular

Upgrade to a modern BI platform with support for time-based calculations, hierarchies, semi-additive metrics, multi-level measures, many-to-many relationships, and more.

No client-side

Use your existing BI tool drivers to connect to your data platforms. Nothing else needed. AtScale is the only solution that connects Excel to live data on-premise and cloud, natively.

Live connections,
not extracts

Connect BI tools like Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Power BI and more to live data sources without data movement – no more data extracts, cube building or ETL needed.


Petabyte Scale,
Kilobyte Speed

Speed of thought without the management headache.

Let the AtScale Adaptive Cache tune your queries automatically using its AI-driven optimizer that learns from user behavior and data relationships.

Using automated data lineage metadata, leave data updates and changes to AtScale.

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No manual query tuning

Eliminate scripting, tedious query performance tuning, and redundant summary tables. Avoid costly raw data queries and vastly increase query throughput and concurrency.

Always (machine) learning

Get continuously improved performance through a combination of query signals and statistics collection to deliver interactive response times without data engineering.

Leave data updates to us

Don’t worry about how data changes and new data will affect performance. The AtScale Adaptive Cache will cascade data updates throughout the cache automatically.

Optimized for maximum compression

Keep caching overhead to a minimum with columnar aggregate storage, smart partitioning, nested data types and in memory cache optimization.

Full visibility
& control

Monitor and manage the cache with a rich, web based interface that shows a variety of statistics including aggregate update time, cache hit ratios, time and money saved.


OLAP-powered BI for any data, on-premise and cloud.

Regardless of how data is stored or where it is stored, AtScale’s data abstraction
engine insulates users from the complexity of existing and future data platforms.

The AtScale virtualization layer makes hybrid and multi-cloud data architectures
a reality while insulating your users from disruption.

EDWs, on-premise
or cloud

Connect AtScale to relational data warehouses from traditional data platforms like SQL Server and Teradata to new cloud data warehouses like Redshift, BigQuery and Snowflake.

Data lakes, on-premises or cloud

Take advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost savings of a schema-on-read data lake whether you’re connecting to data on cloud storage like S3 or to HDFS on-premises or on the cloud.

Future-proof your infrastructure

Keep your options open by insulating your downstream business users from the disruption of a platform migration. Lift and shift to new data platforms without users ever noticing.

Delightful Design, Instant Access

Easily create powerful virtual cubes to deliver self-service.

Immerse yourself in a modern, top down multidimensional modeling experience that’s as fun to use as it is powerful.

“Paint” your virtual cubes on a simple to use canvas with guided workflows, customized views, formula wizards and full metadata and cube previews.

Administer your security settings and user permissions to make sure users have access to only what they need.

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Simply powerful
model building

Model your data in the industry's best data modeler. Easily manipulate your cube, validate your model and explore data in the easiest and most powerful data modeler.

Built for re-use
& governance

Create conformed and role playing dimensions, formulas, calculated measures and access them all through a common library with built-in user and group controls.

Realtime collaboration

Modify virtual cubes with other team members concurrently and see changes instantly just like Google Docs. Create snapshots and manage versions just like you do with code.

Automated model creation

Import data models from your BI dashboards and AtScale automatically extracts the business logic and creates a unified semantic layer that works for all BI tools.

& explore data

Safely experiment with your models with our snapshots, cube duplication and multiple environment publishing. Model with the knowledge you can do no harm.

Built it right,
every time

Always create the right model. Our helpers guide you in creating the right relationships, preview the data in real-time and build your model with confidence.


Business Friendly,
IT Approved

Secure and govern data once, without data copies.

Enable self-service access to curated data sets without the risks associated with data movement and the complexity of integrating a myriad of security and authorization protocols.

Empower business users to find new insights using a single data interface, no matter where the data is stored.

Enable IT to secure access and adhere to corporate security and governance policies.

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Secure data at rest
& in motion

Ensure secure communication channels with support for TLS-secured communications. Secure data at rest using data-platform-level encryption zones and masking.

Single sign-on,

Manage all of your users and groups using your existing LDAP or Active Directory infrastructure and use delegated authorization for any BI tool or custom application.

Filter metadata with perspectives

Selectively mask measures, dimensions and hierarchies to provide multiple views for users and groups based on their access and visibility rights.

Filter data at
query time

Leverage AtScale’s Security Dimensions to constrain the data visibility for end users. Manage data access rules through flexible, multidimensional lookup tables.

Design time permission
& controls

Control exactly which users and groups can access AtScale projects and virtual cubes. Define and assign roles for administrators, designers, query users and more.

Open for Business, Anywhere

Leverage services for monitoring or custom applications.

Build custom applications, business processes, workflows and monitoring using your development tools with AtScale’s rich APIs and services layer.

The AtScale platform was built from the ground up to be open and extensible.

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Anything we can do,
you can do

The AtScale platform is 100% API driven so anything we can do, you can do. Leverage our service layer to automate your operational pipelines and monitoring frameworks.

Modern, industry standard

Integrate AtScale services using Restful APIs with industry-standard JWT security. Leverage support for inbound and outbound webhooks to automate workflows and triggers.

Single sign-on hooks

Integrate AtScale’s authorization and security services with your standard or custom single sign-on frameworks to simplify access for any user in the enterprise.