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AtScale Rockets



Speed of thought withouth the management headache.

Accelerate Time to Insight

Let AtScale’s intelligent data structures tune your queries automatically using its AI-driven optimizer that learns from user behavior and data relationships. Using automated data lineage metadata, leave data updates and changes to AtScale.

Virtual Data Engineering

Eliminate scripting, tedious query performance tuning, and redundant summary tables. Avoid costly runaway queries that scan raw data, and vastly increase query throughput and concurrency.

Always (Machine) Learning

Get continuously improved performance through a combination of query signals and statistics collection to deliver interactive response times without manual data engineering.

No Data Movement, Full Visibility

Leave Data Updates To Us

Don’t worry about how data changes and new data will affect performance. AtScale will cascade data updates throughout its intelligent aggregates automatically.

Optimized For Maximum Compression

Keep caching overhead to a minimum with columnar aggregate storage, smart partitioning, nested data types and in memory cache optimization.

Full Visibility & Control

Monitor and manage the cache with a rich, web based interface that shows a variety of statistics including aggregate update time, cache hit ratios, time and money saved.

Use Case Spotlight: Accelerate Time to Insight from Weeks to Seconds

The Challenge:

A Fortune 50 insurance provider ran analytics for all of its member data on a large Netezza environment. The insurance provider wanted to migrate off of Netezza due to cost reasons, and elected to move its data to a Hortonworks Hadoop cluster. However, when analysts queried data in the new Hortonworks cluster directly from Tableau and Excel, queries took minutes to return data, well above the sub-three second response time business users required. Additionally, connecting Tableau and Excel directly to Hortonworks only served a few hundred analysts, a small subset of the insurance provider's total analyst constituency.

The Solution

With AtScale's Virtual Data Warehouse sitting between Tableau and Excel and Hortonworks, the insurance provider's query response time accelerated by as much as 68X, and easily met the requirement for queries to be answered under three seconds. The improvement in query optimization enabled the insurance provider to open up the data in their Hortonworks cluster to as many as 4000 business users. The insurance provider is now able to expand analysis to encompass perscription data, and can deliver better client service through proactive insights.

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