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This trial request is pre-modeled for Insights by AtScale and contains Foursquare’s integrated US Places (POI) database joined with Foursquare Visit Data which is foot traffic counts for the Top 50 Fast-Food Chains in the U.S. Foursquare’s full US Places & Visits dataset contains 19.1 M POIs and has a 98% fill rate for core attributes. Foursquare Visit Data consists of Mobile Ad IDs, which are hashed to protect consumer privacy. These Foursquare datasets are privacy-complaint, uniquely sourced, and trusted by leading enterprises like Uber, Samsung, and Apple.

What is Places and Visits Data?

Places & Visits Data by the Numbers

Foursquare Places & Visits Use Cases

About Foursquare

The Foursquare Places & Visits dataset is privacy-compliant, uniquely sourced, and trusted by leading enterprises like Uber, Samsung, and Apple.

How Foursquare gets location data right

Foursquare combines best-in-class methods for collecting POI data and core attributes with rich first-party and user-generated content. The result is the highest level of accuracy, freshness, and depth of POI data.

Breadth of sources – ground truth data, programmatic source crawling, and strategic partnerships enable updates directly from business. owners.

Ensuring accuracy – sourcing and summarizing attribute values from multiple sources, cross referencing authoritative sources for important POIs and more.

Data richness – consumer app users provide data about the places that matter, with 2M updates per month coming from our consumer apps and keep our data fresh, and 1B+ photos and tips that add context and richness to each POI.

Reliability – +99% fill rate for U.S. chains.

Accuracy assurance – regular scoring against authoritative sources and cross-referencing with human and programmatic validation.

The full schema including descriptions can be found here.

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Places & Visits by the Numbers


Global POI


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Photos, tips, and


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Foursquare Places & Visits Use Cases

From site selection to contextual experiences. Imagine the possibilities when you get location right.




Geospatial /
BI Analysis

Location data has become more important than ever…

/ Foursquare PlaceS & VISITS

Uses a breadth of sources, ensures accuracy and provides data richness to get location data right.

/ Global POI reach

Use the world’s most extensive POI data set to fill in the gaps.

/ Various use cases

Location data is incredibly valuable for major brands like Yum! Brands for any number of use cases, from site selection to navigation.

/ Access data seamlessly

Easily access and subscribe to Foursquare’s data through the AWS Marketplace.


Sourcing and summarizing attribute values from multiple sources.

Programmatically validating against geographic and geospatial assets like polygons, to clean and standardize our data.


95M global POI

200 countries and territories

Ground Truth data accounts for independently owned places.

Web-based approach account for all POIs that have a web presence.

Privacy First

14 million check-ins captured after double opt-in consent of mobile app users


Flexible commercial terms

Flat file and API – we support data delivery at any scale.


Proprietary map of the world, created by the integration of Foursquare and Factual data and validated by first party core technology.

About Foursquare

We are today’s leading, independent location-based platform. We’ve been powering the places in your pocket for years. Ever typed a venue in Uber? Add a geofilter to Snapchat? Geotag a tweet on Twitter? Snap a photo with a Samsung phone? That’s Foursquare.