Case Study: AtScale and Rakuten

Rakuten Rewards, one of the largest loyalty programs in the US, has a mission to arm all of their employees with the ability to derive insights from their company data. They needed to restructure their data infrastructure to alleviate business disruptions caused by the physical limitations of their on-premise Hadoop cluster.

Using AtScale, Rakuten was able to seamlessly migrate data from millions of customers from a traditional on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake. They eliminated business disruptions, ensured speedy query response times, and secured
ample room for their data warehouse to grow with their business by migrating to the cloud.

Read this case study to learn how Rakuten benefitted from using AtScale with Snowflake, including:

  • Seamless transition to the cloud with zero business disruption
  • Optimized query response time
  • Ability for business users and data scientists to quickly explore data within Rakuten’s Snowflake environment without needing to write complicated SQL
  • Eliminated costly manual data engineering projects resulting in data becoming available for immediate analysis

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