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How to Set Up Docker

This Demo is part of a How To video series to help users get started with the AtScale Developer Community Edition.

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How to set up a Docker for the AtScale Developer Community Edition


In order to run the AtScale Community Edition, you need to have Docker desktop running.
This article will focus on installing and setting up Docker for the new Developer Community version of AtScale.


Locate the Correct Installation Link

  1. Go to the Developer Community page on
  2. Scroll down to the free tools and resources and click on the Quick Start Guide button. The Guide will open in PDF format.
    AtScale Developer Community web page
  3. Go to page 3 of the Quick Start Guide. Under the heading “Install Docker”, you will see links to install Docker Desktop on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
    Install Docker

Install Docker

  1. Click on the link for your operating system.
  2. For this tutorial, we’ll use Install Docker Desktop on Mac. The page will open.
  3. Select Docker Desktop for Mac with Apple silicon or Docker Desktop for Mac with Intel chip, depending on your system. Save the .dmg file.
    Note: If you are using Windows, you will see just one download button — Docker Desktop for Windows. Click this and save the .exe file.

    For Linux, follow the instructions at the download link.
    Install Docker

  4. Open the downloaded file. The installation window will pop up.
  5. For Mac, drag and drop the Docker icon into the Applications folder. Docker will now be installed on your computer.
    Note: If you are using Windows, follow the instructions in the Installer Wizard. When the files have finished loading, click Close and restart.

    Note: If you are using Linux, open the file and follow the installation instructions.
    Install Docker - drag and drop

Configure Docker

  1. Once the installation process has finished, open Docker to set the recommended requirements.
    Note: To run AtScale, we recommend using the Chrome browser.
    Open Docker
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon and select Resources then Advanced. You will see the Resource Allocation sliders set to their default positions.
    How to Set Up Docker - Settings
  3. Move the slider to set the CPU limit. The default is 6 cores, but for better performance, increase this to 8.
  4. Set the memory limit between 8 GB and 16 GB. We recommend at least 12 GB.
  5. Set the virtual disk limit between 128 GB and 256 GB, to make the system run better.
    Note: You can find these Minimum Requirements on page 3 of the Quick Start Guide.
    How to set up Docker - set virtual disk limit
  6. Click Apply and Restart.

Docker is now installed, configured, set up, and ready for the installation of AtScale Community Edition.

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