How to Implement an Effective Data Literacy Program

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Get actionable advice from data & analytics leaders on building and fostering a data literate culture in your organization.

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This practical guide will show you how your organization can leverage data as a strategic asset so everybody can make smarter decisions.

By raising your organization’s data literacy and fluency, you’ll empower your people to interpret and derive insights from data on their own, as well as how to model that data and ultimately apply it to make more strategic decisions based on relevant OKRs and KPIs.

Each section covers the people, processes and technologies that result in a data-literate organization that empowers teams while avoiding bottlenecks. By giving your team the ability to leverage data as a strategic asset, you can have each contributor apply your hard-earned data to make smarter decisions at scale.

The self-service data revolution is already underway; let’s talk about how you can lead the charge.

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Read this Guide to Learn

  • Empowering a data-driven team where everyone can uncover and act on insights
  • The top roadblocks to data literacy in organizations and how to overcome them
  • How to implement data literacy and make it a part of your organization’s DNA
  • How to accelerate data literacy with key tools you are already using, including Power BI, Tableau, and Excel
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Who should read this?

Organizational and analytics leaders (Chief Data Officers, CIOs, data strategy executives, business intelligence leaders, data infrastructure directors) looking to empower teams with smarter data-driven ways of working at scale.