Join AtScale in Las Vegas at the 2019 Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference

Tableau Conference 2019

AtScale is joining one of the biggest data communities in the world at the Tableau Conference that takes place from November 12-15 in Las Vegas. We’re looking forward to meeting over 20,000 data-driven people like you from all industries and all sized organizations.

The AtScale team will be in Booth #328 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel to show you how AtScale Adaptive Analytics (A3) delivers live data to the Tableau platform – no matter how much data you have or where your data resides. Stop by to learn:

  • How to analyze live data across the enterprise instantaneously – A3 delivers “live” Tableau queries interactively so you can query trillions of rows of data without having to move it, making integration of new data sources lightning fast.
  • How to stop guessing and get one version of the truth – A3’s Universal Semantic Layer™ defines all business logic in one place for you so there’s no need to build business logic and calculations directly into Tableau dashboards and workbooks. This saves time and ensures that everyone on your team speaks the same language while delivering sophisticated multi-dimensional analytics server side, including custom calendars, semi-additive metrics, time series analysis and drill downs.
  • How to keep calm and query on – A3 employs Autonomous Data Engineering™ to create and maintain acceleration structures for data. This guarantees performance for all your queries while eliminating “runaway queries” that result in slow performance and expensive query costs.

Reserve a spot for a product demo to see how Tableau and AtScale can help you analyze Big Data at the speed of thought and can change the way you use data to solve your business challenges.

To learn more: 

  • Read the Datasheet: AtScale and Tableau – learn how Tableau and AtScale are helping enterprises analyze massive amounts of data at the speed of thought, which is changing the way people are using data to solve their business challenges.
  • Read the Case Study: Rakuten Rewards – learn how Rakuten Rewards restructured its data infrastructure by moving from an on-premise Hadoop cluster to a Snowflake cloud data warehouse on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AtScale A3 provided query optimization and semantic connections to the data, which is then analyzed by end users with Tableau.
  • Read the Blog Article: 3 Ways Data Fabric Improves Tableau Performance – learn how using AtScale Advanced Analytics Fabric boosts the power of Tableau by solving some of the key challenges that Tableau experience when connected to an enterprise data warehouse.

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