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No Cube Build or Refresh. No Wait, Ever Again.

End the OLAP Compromise Today. Give Business Data, without Getting a Headache.

Traditional OLAP solutions precompile result sets and store them in cubes that IT teams need to store, refresh, and maintain. That process is costly and slow. With AtScale Virtual OLAP technology there is no data movement or cube build required before data can be accessed. Users work the data the minute it’s available.

Universal Semantic Layer

Live, Scalable, Fast, AND Simple.


AtScale’s no-data-movement approach enables people to analyze data the minute it lands in their Hadoop cluster. With Traditional OLAP solutions, IT teams have to build cubes and prepare them for analysis. AtScale Virtual ROLAP technology provides a unified view of Hadoop data, in real-time, all the time. Users don’t have to wait for the latest data.

Scalable and Fast

Speed has historically been one of OLAP’s key benefits. But, if your solution uses MOLAP, speed becomes quickly compromised by the size of your data. The bigger your MOLAP cube, the more cycles are required to build, refresh, and make it available for analysis. AtScale uses Virtual ROLAP technology, an approach that prevents your data size from affecting data accessibility speed.


Not Every OLAP-on-Hadoop Solution is the same. Building optimal cubes may require an architect. Sometimes even a developer. Companies have gone as far as resorting to consulting services. AtScale’s design interface is a multi-user, web-based and drag-and-drop interface. It requires no coding and you can even work on projects as a team so you can leverage your group’s knowledge.

Speed and Scale

Not your parents' OLAP

OLAP has been around since 1985 and its principles, introduced by Edgar F. Codd, have been put to the test. Regardless if you’ve tested MicroStrategy ROLAP, Cognos MOLAP, Oracle HOLAP, or even Microsoft Analysis Services, you’ve noticed that each has limitations when it comes to Hadoop and Big Data. AtScale has taken the learnings from OLAP’s history and designed a solution that makes OLAP work on Big Data.

Bring OLAP back!

Speed matters. So does scale. Any non-AtScale OLAP solution presents you with a compromise. Choose speed and your cubes will be limited by the amount of data your users can query. Choose scale and your queries will crawl. At AtScale, we believe that you can have both. We are the only solution that will give you speed and scale. How? That’s our secret sauce!


Making IT and the Business Happy!

No Data Movement means No Wait

Forget cubes. Forget extracts and data marts. Forget the times when you had to reprocess cubes and realize that you forgot something, had to start from scratch and make your users wait…again. AtScale works in real-time. There are no physical cubes; changes are immediate. Regardless of the size of your data.

This isn't "FAUX-LAP"

What if your “cubes” worked at top speed with any BI tools? The ones that love OLAP (like MicroStrategy or Excel) and the ones that prefer SQL, like Tableau or Impala? AtScale is the only BI-on-Hadoop platform to support SQL and MDX, natively and without requiring any changes on your BI tools.

Freedom within a Framework

AtScale’s Virtual ROLAP technology delivers a single semantic layer that allow you to provide consistency, blazing performance, and data governance across your entire Hadoop cluster. You can enable access freedom, without releasing control. That’s what we call governed self-service for Big Data!