Analyze Big Data in Tableau at the Speed of Thought

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AtScale + Tableau: Adaptive Analytics for Insight-Driven Enterprises

Tired of using stale, incomplete data sets for your Tableau analyses? Sick of everybody on your team getting slightly different results for what should be a common set of metrics?

Join AtScale Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Dave Mariani as he demonstrates how AtScale’s Adaptive Analytics Fabric delivers live data to the Tableau platform – no matter what size it is or where it resides.

Dave will show you how AtScale A3 works with Tableau to let you:

  • Analyze live data across the enterprise instantaneously
  • Make integrations of new data sources lightening-fast
  • Query trillions of rows of data without having to move it – no more data extracts
  • Run sophisticated multi-dimensional analyses server-side, including custom calendars, semi-additive metrics, time series analysis and drill-downs
  • Get one source of truth by defining business logic in one place with A3’s Universal Semantic LayerTM

Together, Tableau and AtScale are helping enterprises analyze massive amounts of data at the speed of thought, changing the way people are using data to solve their business challenges.

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