Data News Roundup – Thursday, April 23rd

Data News Roundup- April 23rd

The Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in significant collaboration between the tech industry and healthcare. The news stories in today’s Data News Roundup for April 23rd, 2020 showcase how COVID-19 data can be used for good and put a spotlight on some of the tech companies partnering with healthcare providers to help stop the spread. We are proud to be one of these companies. 

We’re offering free access to AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model. The model was built to analyze COVID-19 data sets including Starschema: COVID-19 Epidemiological Data, which is available through Snowflake’s Data Exchange and Boston Children’s Hospital’s Scroll down to learn more.

Bringing an Analytics Mindset to the Pandemic- April 22nd, 2020

By Nico Neumann

Harvard Business Review

Epidemiologists and other experts are running into many of the same issues that are common with any data-analytics problem. The process of collecting and analyzing data is complex but making the right calls will lives during the current pandemic and improve performance in business settings.

AtScale, Databricks and others release advanced COVID-19 data resources- April 22nd, 2020

By Andrew Brust 


Public COVID-19 data exists, but tracking it down, cleaning it and integrating it is both difficult and time-consuming. AtScale announced earlier this week that the company is offering free access to AtScale’s COVID-19 Cloud OLAP Model.

  • Read the full AtScale announcement here.
Google wants to make it easier to analyse health data in the cloud- April 21st, 2020

By Owen Hughes


Google has opened up its Cloud Healthcare API to allow doctors to analyze data using cloud-computing technologies in a bid to improve healthcare interoperability and help providers drive insights from myriad sources of medical data.

Facebook launches COVID-19 data maps for the US, will take its symptom tracking efforts global- April 20th, 2020

By Taylor Hatmaker


Facebook launched a COVID-19 symptom tracking partnership with Carnegie Mellon University’s Delphi epidemiological research center early this month, and now the company has shared plans to expand the project outside of the U.S. Facebook’s COVID-19 data maps project is designed to help governments and health officials predict where the virus could hit next.

Stay safe and be well!