Employee Spotlight: Zach Paglione

Zach Paglione

Zach Paglione

At AtScale, we don’t just build award-winning solutions that make our customers happy. We build world class teams. In 2020, our team became a family of 128 between our three offices in San Mateo, Boston, and Bulgaria. Although evolution for us has been inevitable, at our core we remain as the same small tight-knit group that was founded seven years ago. Today we’re excited to introduce you to Zach Paglione, who has been a part of the Boston team since its founding in 2018. 

What is your role here at AtScale? 

A: I am a business development representative, supporting strategic accounts primarily in the New York and New England region. 

How long have you been working with the company for?

A: I have been working with AtScale for about a year and half now. 

So you can consider yourself as one of the founding members of our Boston team … 

A: Yes. We started in a WeWork right next to our current office. There were maybe only five to eight of us in a fish bowl office. We were there for a few months and then moved into the building that we’re in now. When we first got here, we were on the first floor for a few months and now we’ve taken everything with us and moved upstairs into our current space. It’s been quite a fun experience in the past year and half moving between three different offices. 

Talk to us about the Boston team. What was it like seeing the team grow from that small group of five to eight people to where it is now?

A: Before we didn’t have a sales team, a marketing team, a finance team; it was a true startup. Everyone took on multiple roles and pitched in where they could. Now, we’ve completely built specific teams where everyone has their own discipline. It’s been cool to witness the evolution and to truly see the growth within the past year. 

What are the benefits towards working for a startup company? 

A: For me, it’s the exposure and freedom. Being involved in different projects and seeing what it takes to build a sales team, to build out a process that has to be replicated for everyone to follow, and to see how resources are made and adjusted to the changing market; these are lessons and experiences that are exclusive towards working in a startup. At traditional companies, you come in, check in and do your job and that’s about it. 

Walk us through a typical day. What is the first thing that you do when you enter the office?

A: It usually starts with some form of training, whether that be role play or training exercises focusing on what’s new in the industry, what’s new with our competitors, or learning more about certain tools or platforms that we work with to understand where our product integrates. After that I usually have a call block for an hour, catch up on some emails, do some research, customer/discovery calls, then back to research and phones and then training with managers. 

The last thing that you do before you leave? 

A: I make sure that I’ve completed everything that I wanted to for the day and that I’m not leaving something to do for the next day (I personally don’t like that feeling). I also make sure that I’m organized and aligned for the next day so I can jump in where I left off. 

In your experience with speaking to different organizations across different industries, what would you say is a common challenge that most are trying to overcome? 

A: I would say that there’s more than just one common challenge. When I’m speaking to customers or prospects, there are four major challenges/themes that we’re seeing in the enterprise. One being, to accelerate data-driven decisions at scale. The second, to control the complexity and costs of data analytics (whether that be on-prem or on the cloud). Third, is to create a single consistent and compliant view of business definitions and metrics. And the fourth is to mitigate the risk associated with data and analytics as a whole.

What sets AtScale apart from other solutions? Who benefits from our technology? 

A: The global 2000 are the companies that benefit from us. What sets AtScale apart, is the ability to scale multi-dimensional analysis without ingesting or moving data into our platform and providing customers with live connection to their BI tools. Our ability to automate a lot of the daunting data engineering tasks is another attribute that really sets us apart from other solutions as well. 

What should our customers expect to see from us this year? 

A: Continued growth. Since our CEO, Chris Lynch, came in and even before that we’ve seen continued growth year over year. Our customers can also expect to see enhanced product features and some of their competitors and friends in the global 2000 join them on the ride of AtScale. 

Describe AtScale in three words. 

A: Revolutionary, Driven and Diverse. Revolutionary, because we are solving a problem that is real around scalable OLAP. There’s no one out there that’s doing that. Driven, everyone here that I’ve worked with has the same common goal of wanting to succeed. Everyone is really proud of the work that they do here, there isn’t any slacking off. Diverse, we all come from different backgrounds. We have a Boston office, a San Mateo office, a Bulgarian office; and from that we have people with technical backgrounds, marketing backgrounds, management backgrounds, etc. Even here in our Boston office, I think that maybe half of the people here are from Boston. It’s an extremely diverse group of people who are united by wanting to succeed and to make our customers happy. 

Describe the Boston office in three words. 

A: Competitive, motivated, and family-oriented. 

Favorite song on the office playlist? 

A: That’s tough. Music is constantly playing here. I would have to say that a new one for me is “Break My Stride,” by Matthew Wilder. 

It’s a Saturday afternoon. Where are people most likely to find you? 

A: Since we’re in New England it depends on the season. In the winter, skiing. Summer, somewhere close to the water. Always with friends and family. 

Thanks, Zach! Interested in meeting the rest of our team? Keep an eye out for our next employee spotlight, here on the blog.