Make Big Data Work on Any Cloud

Make Big Data Work On Any Cloud

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At the beginning of 2018 we predicted that cloud adoption would be one of the key strategic trends that would help enterprises succeed with Big Data. Managing on-premise data infrastructure requires a huge effort. And, as people become more adept at consuming data, enterprises want to make that information more actionable, whether it’s on-premises or in the cloud.

Today we are proud to announce “AtScale Cloud”: this release provides BI users with the most innovative, modern, and easy to use big data intelligence platform for any cloud.

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Many of you might remember that the releases of AtScale 6.0 and 6.5 allowed BI users to harness the power of Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Microsoft Azure HDInsight. AtScale Cloud takes our customers and prospects one step further. With this new release, customers can deploy AtScale on any fully managed cloud infrastructure (Amazon, Microsoft and/or Google) in just a few clicks.

For enterprise use cases where deploying AtScale on the Amazon cloud is key, simply go to the AWS Marketplace and search for AtScale, verify that the parameters are correct and then select “Continue to Launch”

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If AWS is not your cloud flavor and you want to deploy on the Google Cloud Platform Launcher instead, then follow the same steps: search for AtScale in the Google Launcher and select “Launch on Computing Engine”, and then, in a matter of minutes you will have deployed a fully functional instance of AtScale on the cloud platform of your choice.

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Now, AtScale provides an even easier user experience to our first-time users. Deploying software can be a complicated task; Initial set-up can be challenging and data connection procedures less than straight-forward. We have developed a simple and guided process to help our users deploy their AtScale environment faster, so they spend more time gaining insights and value out of data rather than struggling with IT-oriented tasks.

In addition to deploying AtScale on the AWS Marketplace or GCP Launcher in a few clicks, our new on-boarding wizards allow users to configure AtScale in minutes.

Users now have an intuitive wizard-driven guide to set up security, connect to their data warehouses, create their modeling environments, and start analyzing their data!


Data models can come from a variety of sources. That’s why we have updated our welcome experience with an automated model building gallery where users can automatically create virtual cubes in a variety of ways. Users can choose to create a virtual cube from scratch, load a sample model with sample data, import a model from XML or JSON, or automatically create a model from a Tableau workbook or set of Tableau workbooks


For customers who are migrating existing Tableau workbooks to run on their enterprise data lake, AtScale now offers a Tableau workbook import utility. This utility can ingest any number of Tableau workbooks, identify common business logic contained in each workbook, and automatically create an AtScale model that can act as a shared semantic layer. This will let these workbooks perform at scale with a direct connection to data and without requiring data extracts.
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IN SUMMARY: With AtScale Cloud, You Can:

  • Easily provision and configure AtScale to start modeling and visualizing data in a matter of minutes.
  • Enjoy data lake intelligence capabilities by deploying AtScale on any cloud (Google, Amazon, or Microsoft).
  • Increase user productivity through a guided and intuitive user experience for first time deployments.
  • Automatically create virtual models based on their existing Tableau workbooks or other data sources.
  • Continue to leverage the power for blazing-fast BI for big data.
  • Leverage an enterprise-grade intelligence platform that enables direct data access and adheres to enterprises’ corporate security and governance requirements.

Not convinced? See what our customers are saying about this release:

  • “When we decided to adopt new Business Intelligence tooling, one of our top priorities was to have the ability to run rapid-fire multi-dimensional analytics at large scale, directly from the tools our users preferred,” says Maurice Lacroix, Business Intelligence Leader at, one of Europe’s largest online retailers. “With AtScale, users can run live queries, straight to Google BigQuery at great speeds. This is something that we saw no other intelligence platform able to deliver.”
  • “Having our business adopt analytics requires sanctioned data at speed,” says John Ackerman, Sr. Director Enterprise Architecture and Innovation at TRAC Intermodal, North America’s leading provider of intermodal marine equipment. “Before AtScale, our ability to report on location and usage patterns could take days. Now, it takes seconds. What’s more: our analysts are no longer constrained to a rigid data warehouse. They can self-serve to our Microsoft Azure data lake in direct mode, without having to wait for data to be moved for them or to perform extreme heroics to get the answers they need.”
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We couldn’t be more excited about this release. With AtScale Cloud, you can now support any analytics needs, from simple to sophisticated, for any BI tools, on any data, on-premises, in the cloud, and both.

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