Removing Cloud Migration Roadblocks

Removing Cloud Migration Roadblocks

Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but this move to become more data-driven is not without major growing pains along the way.

According to CMSWire, in fact, in 2019, only 31% of organizations consider themselves data-driven, compared with 37% just two years ago [CMSWire]. And time to deploy is a huge problem in getting to this data-driven nirvana: According to TechRepublic, 73% of cloud migrations take a year or longer, and 62% of projects were harder than expected or fail [TechRepublic].

A poorly planned cloud migration results in disruption to the business, lengthy integration projects, and system and application rewrites. But by considering an analytics fabric in migration planning, enterprises can gain the benefits of cloud migration early in the process and free IT to conduct the migration on their own timetable without business disruption.

Cloud Migration’s Hidden Challenges

As companies make the move to the cloud, they are discovering unanticipated costs, time, and security challenges of moving data, not to mention the business disruption such moves cause. In fact, a global survey of 200 managers [Cloudsecurityalliance], executives, and enterprise staff validated that these top challenges include:

  • Moving of sensitive data (65%)
  • Security (59%)
  • Compliance challenges (54%)
  • Disruption of business operations (47%)

Tackling Migration Challenges with Intelligent Data Virtualization

The alternative to the endless struggle to save costs by moving data and risking data exposure and business disruption is to adopt technology that delivers fast, consolidated data access without moving, translating, or re-architecting data: Enter the intelligent virtualization of enterprise data warehouses (EDWs). Organizations who employ this can facilitate fast, consistent, and universal access to data, reaping the benefits of the cloud right away and bulletproofing the enterprise against further data migration and disruption down the line.

How AtScale enables bullet-proof cloud data migration

AtScale eliminates the top challenges in cloud data migration:

  • Moving sensitive data
  • Security
  • Compliance challenges
  • Disruption of business operations
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Performance

Business users gain a unified data experience immediately. IT can then move data more deliberately, at a pace of their choosing, and without disruption to the business or its operations. Businesses employing EDW virtualization become future-proofed against further data migration since any new database can be virtualized and integrated into the enterprise’s data fabric quickly and easily.

By employing intelligent data virtualization, organizations can remove the roadblocks to successful cloud migration right out of the gate, and deliver better performance, faster queries, unified security, compliance, and unencumbered access to all data via a variety of business intelligence tools. With intelligent data shared across the business, IT ops can focus on moving to the cloud…and not worrying about moving data.

Learn more on how you can bulletproof your cloud migration, and bypass the top data migration challenges in this paper.

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