A Sneak Peak into the 2024 Semantic Layer Summit

A Sneak Peak into the 2024 Semantic Layer Summit

The third annual Semantic Layer Summit is just around the corner on April 24, 2024, promising big innovations to the data and analytics community. Similar to years past, participants will have two virtual stages to explore, packed with great content and featuring 24 speakers. The Summit will serve as the platform for AtScale’s latest product innovations in semantic layer software that will empower collaborative data products across enterprises like business users, analytics engineers and data scientists.

Throughout the course of the day, speakers from our participating partners will present including major cloud data platforms like Databricks, Google, and Snowflake. We’ll also hear from other major industry partners like Cube, InterSystems, and Snowplow about how a semantic layer can improve the modern data stack. On our main stage you’ll get to hear from some of data’s biggest thought leaders including Bill Inmon known as “Father of the Data Warehouse”, Sanjeev Mohan, Principal of SanjMo & Former Gartner Research VP, Benn Stancil, CTO & Founder of Mode, Veronika Durgin, VP of Data at Saks, and Anna-Maria Steverson, Analytics Enablement Manager at Netflix.

The day will begin at our Main Stage with a Keynote from AtScale’s co-founder and CTO Dave Mariani and AtScale’s Head of Product, Elif Tutuk, who will share important new innovations in semantic layer platforms as it relates to the concepts of composable semantic modeling, decentralized data product innovation, and ecosystem integration. Following this, Juan Sequeda, Head of AI Lab at data.world, will share research findings on the pivotal role of Knowledge Graphs and Semantic Layers in filling context gaps for accurate and explainable answers.

Transitioning from concept to execution, our industry panelists Colin Taggart, John Deer, and Sunil Soni, Cardinal Health, will share practical tips and strategies for implementing a semantic layer in the enterprise. Next you can join our Financial Operations panel of experts and practitioners, Dann Berg, FinOps Aficionado, Melvin Brown, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM), and Vikas Ranjan, T-Mobile, as they discuss strategies for fostering collaboration between finance, engineering, and business teams to optimize cloud spending.

Cultivating a data-driven culture within an enterprise remains a paramount challenge. Andrea De Mauro, Author and Executive Advisor, Veronika Durgin, Saks, and Anna-Maria Steverson, Netflix, will bring forth best practices and strategies to instill a culture that harnesses the full potential of data, thereby transforming all facets of the business.

Looking towards the future, AtScale’s co-founder and CTO Dave Mariani along with John Furrier, SiliconANGLE Media, Bill Inmon, “Father of the Data Warehouse”, Sanjeev Mohan, SanjMo, and Benn Stancil, Mode, will participate in a valuable discussion on the strategies and tools that will define the future of analytics.

From practical applications to innovative solutions, our Tech Stage sessions are led by industry leaders like Artyom Keydunov, Cube’s CEO & Co-founder, Bryan Smith from Databricks, Google’s Maruti C, Josh Klahr from Snowflake, Joe Lichtenberg from InterSystems and John Reid from Snowplow. They will delve into the transformative potential of semantic layers across diverse platforms and use cases. Whether it’s leveraging generative AI on Google Cloud or unlocking value in the Data Cloud with Snowflake, the integration of semantic layers proves to be a cornerstone for AI-enabled analytics, digital analytics modernization, and ensuring data consistency.

Mark your calendars for April 24th and register now to secure your spot at this data and analytics must-attend event. View the full agenda here and join us for a day filled with insights, innovation, and networking opportunities.

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