Data and Benefits of AI & BI in Business with Bill Sandblom at The International Group, Inc.

Data-Driven Podcast

Listen to this discussion with Bill Sandblom on using AI to improve business outcomes at his PetroChemical where he is the CIO. He discusses tips for getting more of your team’s time focused on actual AI and Analytics work vs data prep and wrangling. He also shares advice for how to identify the right areas of the business to make a real impact on profits with machine learning & AI.

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We all talk about using AI to improve business outcomes. Most companies who are trying to do AI, the data scientists are spending most of their time doing data preparation. 80% of the time is in prep and the rest of it is in building models and analysis. About a third of the team now is very focused on AI and Analytics.

We have a data and analytics maturity model, and we cover the spectrum of historical analysis to then predict the future. And then finally prescriptive analytics, and make a real difference to the business.

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