Deepak Prasad, Principal at NSW on Data-Driven Podcast

Data-Driven Podcast

Listen to Deepak Prasad share his thoughts on embracing automation and why the semantic layer is on the rise due to the big persistent problem of inconsistent BI reporting impacting Enterprises’ across the board.

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People have options to create their own structures and formulas with the data that they have. That’s a problem. The main issue is the formulas for calculating the same insights can be different, and they aren’t matching, although the data was correct perfectly. One person is downloading the data on one team and working on all their own formulas, using lookups in power BI or Qlik or Tableau or Excel. And, another person is downloading the data and doing analysis in another way. Everyone’s realizing this now, and that’s why all the semantic layer talk is starting to pick up.

Data engineering, modern data analytics, everything – can be orchestrated by piece of code. You don’t need a server. I have all my data in Snowflake. I think a semantic layer is a terrific tool in that stack. Don’t be afraid of automation. Please embrace the change that we are all going to incur together. Let the things that can be automated, be automated.

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