AtScale 6.0 brings the benefits of its Universal Semantic Layer to the Google Cloud

New release brings unparalleled cost savings and best-in-class experience to enterprises deploying BI on Big Data

San Mateo, California, October 10, 2017 — AtScale, the only company to provide enterprises with a universal semantic platform for BI on Big Data, announced today the general availability of AtScale 6.0. With this release, customers will see unparalleled cost savings when deploying analytical workloads with pervasive BI tools like Tableau and Microsoft Excel and the Google platform Cloud.

To find out more, go to and read the company’s release blog here.

AtScale 6.0 brings key universal semantic layer capabilities to Google BigQuery as the company advances the BI on Big Data space by introducing the industry’s first solution that lets enterprises experience faster time to value on any data, regardless if it’s stored on premises, in the cloud, in Hadoop or in a relational database.

AtScale is a key sponsor of this week’s Tableau Conference and will be showcasing the solution at booth #344.

__Big Data Analytics at scale don’t have to break the bank

“We’ve tested Google BigQuery against some of the most demanding queries,” said Josh Klahr, VP of Product Management at AtScale, “and the technology has shown to be easy to use and very performant. The new functionality added to our Adaptive Cache now ​offers additional ​cost efficiencies to run hundreds of queries for thousands of users.”

With the AtScale Adaptive CacheTM , a technology that continually analyzes query patterns and automatically creates and manages aggregates, users get sub-second query results and put significantly less load on BigQuery, resulting in big infrastructure savings:

  • AtScale’s Adaptive Cache graph engine optimizes the processing of aggregates, starting with the finest grain aggregates first before moving to more summarized aggregates. Early deployments have shown aggregate processing time to improve by up to 10X.
  • Perhaps even more importantly, by rerouting Big Data queries to its Adaptive Cache, AtScale 6.0 reduces the number of unique requests hitting the underlying infrastructure. This helps with reducing infrastructuring stress and it also considerably lowers the cost incurred for each query. In initial testing on Google BigQuery, query costs have been reduced by up to 1,000X per query.

The average enterprise has dozens of Business Intelligence tools deployed across its many departments. Some tools, like Tableau or Qlikview support SQL. Others, like Microsoft Excel, MicroStrategy or IBM Cognos support MDX. In order to provide business users with unified reporting capabilities, enterprise I.T. typically builds data pipelines dedicated to each BI tool. This means that for each BI tool silo, I.T. exports data out of their data warehouse or data lake, stores it into dedicated data marts and prepares it before it can make it available for each tool. This costs time and agility, and is a key burden for enterprises.

AtScale’s patented Hybrid Query ServiceTM technology is the industry’s only solution that lets any BI tool run on Big Data directly, using SQL or MDX, and without any data extract. This means that any Business Intelligence user can create reports and dashboards that run live on Big Data. This is now also possible on Google BigQuery.

  • “There are over a billion users of Microsoft Excel in the world,” said Matt Baird, co-founder and CTO at AtScale, “This release now enables users to run live pivot tables on BigQuery with best-in-class speed, scale and security.”

__Not just any report…

“Our research shows that three quarters of organizations prefer to use their existing business intelligence tools to analyze big data, but many of these tools can be overwhelmed and perform poorly,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research, “AtScale provides multi-dimensional capabilities enabling enterprise users to interrogate data in the way that supports their company’s most pressing problems, across any data and any tool.”

Companies that compete on analytics rely on solutions like AtScale to answer sophisticated questions and queries. Take for instance the case of a large North American insurance provider with millions of members and 100s of millions of claims a year. This enterprise utilizes AtScale to calculate a key metric called “PMPM” (Per Member Per Month) to measure the efficacy of their procedures. This metric requires a sophisticated multi-pass engine that runs at large scale and works consistently across any BI tool including Tableau, Excel and custom-built applications.

Industries of all kinds, from financial services, to retail to telecommunications and healthcare, require support for complex calculations such as multi-level metrics, semi-additive calculations, parallel period and metrical attributes for example. AtScale 6.0 not only supports such sophistication, the platform also centrally manages the semantics of such calculations, making them equally available to any and all BI tools, regardless if they speak SQL or MDX.

With AtScale, enterprise I.T. gets to support the sophistication business users need without having to manage complex, rigid and expensive data pipelines. To find out more about how AtScale works, simply go to and read the company’s release blog here.

__About AtScale

AtScale makes BI work on Big Data. With AtScale, business users get interactive and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities, directly on Big Data, at maximum speed, using the tools they already know, own and love – from Microsoft Excel to Tableau Software to QlikView. Built by Big Data veterans from Yahoo!, Google and Oracle, AtScale is already enabling the BI on Big Data revolution at major corporations across healthcare, telecommunications, retail and online industries. To see how AtScale can help your company, go to