AtScale Announces Launch of ‘Cloud Dataholics’ YouTube Series

Series Explores Complex Issues and Day-to-Day Life Inside the Modern Enterprise Data Cloud

BOSTON — May 3, 2022 — AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today launched a highly creative and entertaining YouTube series called “Cloud Dataholics.”

The fourteen, 2-minute long episodes are now all available on and YouTube.

Each episode of the series explores a different facet of modern cloud data analytics. Set in a dramatized cloud data warehouse, the main characters are personifications of common business data types including CRM, Finance, Support, and HR. A high-strung Query Engine attempts to corral the data sets into satisfying requests from “The Business.” The characters navigate issues including naivety of business users, query performance anxiety, and the impact of artificial intelligence on data and analytics. 

Below is a sample of some of the episodes in the first season of Cloud Dataholics:

  • Episode 1 (Welcome to your data cloud): In the series premier, a new data set is shown around the data cloud. When a request for a complex blend of data comes in from the business, the team struggles to work together. 
  • Episode 2 (We don’t speak business): The data teams become incredulous when business users are unable to properly structure their queries in an understandable way.
  • Episode 7 (Extractions): The data reacts with horrified resignation as the business misses the point of centralizing data on powerful cloud platforms and opts to extract data for spreadsheet analysis.
  • Episode 11 (Singularity): The data sets welcome a powerful Artificial Intelligence being to the data cloud and contemplate what it might mean for their future.

“As data and analytics have permeated every aspect of modern business, everyone is now expected to have some level of data literacy,”  Josh Epstein, CMO of AtScale and Executive Producer of Dataholics. “Cloud Dataholics introduces the non-technical business person to some of the complex jargon and fundamental truths of business data.”

This marks AtScale’s first foray into dramatic video content and the first time modern cloud analytics strategy has been explored using this creative medium. While the show is a dramatization of life in the data cloud, the situations encountered by the characters will be very familiar to those in the industry. As the season develops, the banality of cloud data life gives way to a more sordid world of drug use, forbidden love, and dark magic. No data was harmed in the production of Cloud Dataholics.

Cloud Dataholics is everyday Data Warehouse struggles meets The Office meets Curb your Enthusiasm,” said Bill Inmon, founder and CEO of Forest Rim Technology and bestselling author.  “Spend 10 minutes to binge watch the full series. It will make your day.” Bill is widely regarded as the “father of the data warehouse.”

“This was a bold and somewhat unexpected move by my marketing team,” said Christopher Lynch, CEO of AtScale. “It is much too early to say whether there will be a second season.”

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