AtScale Meets BI Scale-Out Challenges with New Trial Offer

Big Data Analytics Leader becomes first & only provider to enable Power BI users to run live, interactive, queries against data in Hadoop without data imports, pre-processing or data movement.

Seattle, WA, October 26, 2016 – AtScale, the first company to provide business users with a fast and secure self-service BI platform for Hadoop, announced today that it has become the first and only provider to enable Power BI users to perform live, interactive, queries against data in Hadoop without data imports, pre-processing or data movement.

AtScale has released a trial offer of its AtScale Intelligence Platform on Microsoft HDI providing live support for Power BI and Microsoft Excel. To take advantage of it, sign up at

Dave Mariani, CEO and Founder of AtScale will be on stage to present this solution this Thursday at the SQL Pass Conference, Microsoft’s community’s largest Business Analytics conference.

Scaling Business Intelligence Out

“The genesis for AtScale came from my desire to help SQL Server Analysis Services scale to large datasets”, says Dave Mariani, who was once the IT leader who built the world’s largest OLAP cube on SQL Server Analysis Services at Yahoo!. I wanted to let my users benefit from the best interactive performance regardless of the size of my cubes. And I wanted my IT team to update measures and dimensions on the fly without making users wait hours, sometimes days, before they could analyze the latest data. Nobody was delivering that solution, so we had to build what we couldn’t buy – and AtScale was born.”

Fast-forward 3 years and AtScale has become the industry standard for BI on Big Data. It counts some of the world’s largest multinationals as customers, including: American Express, Comcast, Macy’s, Home Depot, Groupon and GlaxoSmithKline. Cloudera recently became an AtScale customer and Hortonworks just entered into a commercial relationship to resell AtScale globally.

From Terabytes to Petabytes

“AtScale has removed everything people hate about OLAP: cube build, rebuild, lengthy refresh and limited scale. But it has kept everything people love about it: multi-dimensional usability, an intuitive semantic layer for analysis and blazing-fast speed,” says Neil Raden, Principal Analyst at Hired Brains Research and a veteran in the Business Intelligence space.

The AtScale Intelligence Platform bares many similarities with traditional Business Intelligence and OLAP Platforms like BusinessObjects, Cognos or SQL Server Analysis Services. But, it has a few major exceptions: AtScale does not require cube building: this makes newly created measures and dimensions immediately available to users. AtScale does not materialize data, which makes its models infinitely scalable. It also means users have access to all data, not just pre-aggregated result sets. Finally, AtScale’s design experience is web-based and multi-user, which allows teams to collaborate in creating data models and virtual cubes.

“In many ways, AtScale represents the future of business intelligence”, says Josh Fennessy, Principal at BlueGranite, a consultancy that was awarded top tier recognition by Microsoft and Tableau. “This is the type of platform we have been waiting for. The design experience is smooth and modern. It works in such a way that we don’t need to re-train our consultants. It works on premises and in the cloud and its ability to work with any Business Intelligence clients without a desktop installation allows us to have an immediate business impact to our clients, whether they use Power BI, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, MicroStrategy or any other SQL or MDX-compliant BI tool.”

AtScale is the industry’s only solution that supports both SQL and MDX in live mode and with the same model. This means that IT can build one model that can be used by virtually any Business Intelligence tool. Finally, AtScale’s “no-data-movement” architecture allows IT teams to model their data without having to extract it and it lets users access all the data they need in a live and secure manner.

With AtScale, Power BI customers save the time and difficulty of importing data or making tradeoffs on what data they can analyze – they can access it all, with unparalleled speed, performance and security.

AtScale’s new offer provides Microsoft customers with an easy way to get started whether they have Microsoft Azure credits or want to take advantage of Microsoft’s free trial offers for Power BI and its HDI platform. To get started, simply go to

There, enterprises will discover some of the latest key functionality AtScale offers on the Microsoft platform, namely:

  • Design Center™: AtScale design experience. Design Center is a server-based component that allows users to design models over the web and in a multi-user mode. Design Center allows IT to deploy models on premise, in the cloud, in development and in production. One of Design Center’s key differentiators is the fact that it installs only on one node, allowing enterprises to test on a few data nodes and scale out to the rest of their clusters in just a few clicks.
  • Hybrid Query Service™: The average enterprise has tens of different Business Intelligence tools, from Tableau to Microsoft Excel to Power BI to MicroStrategy. Each tool requires its own query language: Tableau prefers SQL; Excel requires MDX. This makes it complicated for IT to support the many use cases spread across a company’s departments and their tools of preference, should they require MDX or SQL. AtScale’s Hybrid Query Service makes it the industry’s only platform that can support both MDX and SQL.
  • AtScale Adaptive Cache™: Solutions that attempt to connect users to large datasets require that data be moved into materialized cubes, datamarts or extracts. AtScale works in live mode, always. This means that users always get the latest data available. AtScale Adaptive Cache guarantees sub-second performance on virtually any data type or size, and, even better, it never requires that IT moves data or manually manages scripts or aggregates.
  • AtScale’s True Delegation™: Governance and security are top priorities to companies who want to deliver self-service analytics to their users. AtScale’s True Delegation™ capabilities ensure that every query is associated with the end-user who generated the query and satisfies the most stringent data governance and access auditing policies. The Platform works seamlessly with Apache Sentry, Apache Ranger and fully supports LDAP, Active Directory, and Kerberos.

By using AtScale, enterprises can finally benefit from a highly secure, open and advanced platform for BI on Big Data. To find out more about AtScale, its Hybrid Query Service™ and Universal Semantic Layer™, simply go to

About AtScale

AtScale makes BI work on Hadoop. With AtScale, business users get interactive and multi-dimensional analysis capabilities, directly on Hadoop, at maximum speed, using the tools they already know, own and love – from Microsoft Excel to Tableau Software to QlikView. Built by Big Data Veterans from Yahoo!, Google and Oracle, AtScale is already enabling the BI on Hadoop revolution at major corporations across healthcare, telecommunications, retail and online industries. To see how AtScale can help you, go to