AtScale Partners with Cloudera and Tableau to speed up the deployment of Big Data analytics applications BI-on-Big Data offer provides key benefits for Cloudera Impala and Tableau customers

San Mateo, California, September 26, 2017 — AtScale, the only company to provide enterprises with a universal semantic platform for BI on Big Data, unveils today an offer that allows current Cloudera and Tableau customers to deploy their Big Data Analytics applications in 60 days or less.

“For years now, our teams have worked closely with Cloudera and Tableau to make BI on Big Data a prevalent workload in the enterprise,” said Dave Mariani, co-founder and CEO of AtScale. “Together, we have onboarded a large number of enterprises across numerous verticals – from financial services, to insurance, to healthcare and retail. We’re excited to go to market with two of our greatest partners and make BI on Big Data a reality for all.”

This new offer will be presented at AtScale’s Strata Data Conference in New York (booth #903) and will present significant advantages for the companies signing up on-site.

“With this offer, comes a set of repeatable practices our teams have developed and which are guaranteed to provide success to data executives looking to make their mark in this industry,” Mariani concluded.

“The sophistication of use-cases deployed with big data has continued to increase in breadth and depth,” said Philippe Marinier, VP of Business Development at Cloudera (NYSE: CLDR), the leading platform provider for machine learning, analytics, and data management. “Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Business Intelligence require massive amounts of data, aided by the type of analytical capabilities AtScale provides. Their execution in the BI space has been nothing short of stellar. We’re excited about this offer and the value it will provide to end customers.”

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__More, Faster and Stronger

The BI-on-Big Data market has seen explosive growth. The latest industry survey shows that adoption for Big Data is growing at unprecedented speed: the latest Big Data Maturity survey published showed that 1 in 5 companies had more than 100 nodes deployed and that 74% of enterprises were in production. A few months ago, IDC forecasted that worldwide revenues for big data and business analytics would reach $150.8 billion in 2017, or year-over-year increase of more than 12% this year, or 4 times that for the entire IT industry.

At a time when the average executive spends upwards of $100M in order to compete with data, the AtScale offer could be the godsend many have been expecting.

__One Semantic Layer to bind them all

AtScale’s expertise in the field of Big Data has long been recognized. The company has been the recipient of numerous industry awards and its customers have been credited for advancing the field of Big Data across many industries. In a recent 451 Research article, AtScale was hailed for its “highly differentiated offering capable of addressing a wide variety of use cases and workloads.” The company attributes this recognition to the set of repeatable best practices it has developed over the years, its unique architecture and the strong support of ecosystem partners like Cloudera and Tableau.

“We’ve been very happy with the high value use-cases and customers that have deployed AtScale, Cloudera and Tableau together. From marketing insights at Yellow Pages, to IoT analytics at Vivint, it seems the AtScale methodology is really helping customers achieve success,” said Dan Jewett, Vice President, Product Management, at Tableau.

AtScale’s team is composed of veterans hailing from Yahoo!, Google, Oracle, Microsoft and many others. The team has designed its software on a unique set of architecture constructs, which today makes it the only solution that lets customers create one semantic layer that works on any data and for any user.

“We built AtScale to provide a solution that works for all types of data environments: traditional and relational, unstructured like Hadoop, or server-less and cloud based,” said Matt Baird, co-founder and CTO of AtScale. “Never before has this industry needed a platform like ours. As the data environment around CIOs becomes more complex and sophisticated, they risk losing control over the insights their enterprises produce. AtScale is their insurance and it is the way they can future-proof their environment.”

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