Semantic Layer Summit Agenda Released: Join Industry Leaders for Virtual Event on April 26, 2023

BOSTON — March 28, 2023 — AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today announced the full agenda for the upcoming Semantic Layer Summit. The summit will be broadcast live on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm EDT.

This single-day virtual event brings together the industry’s foremost experts in data, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and business intelligence (BI) to explore the development of the semantic layer technology category.

“The semantic layer represents a new center of knowledge gravity in the rapidly evolving modern data stack,” said David Mariani, co-founder and CTO of AtScale and conference chair for the Semantic Layer Summit. “We are excited to bring together a diverse group of industry experts and technology visionaries for the summit. Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment that enables attendees and presenters to share views, offer practical advice and insights, and advance the further development of the Semantic Layer technology.”

This year’s summit will cover a range of topics, including: 

  • How the Semantic Layer Fits into the Modern Data Stack, featuring Dave Mariani, founder and CTO, AtScale
  • Exploring the Semantics of Semantic Layers, featuring a panel of founder executives from dbt Labs, Cube, AtScale, Starburst, Stardog 
  • Paving a Road to an Effective Data Mesh, a fireside chat on the evolution of data mesh and decentralized analytics innovation with Zhamak Dehghani
  • Negotiating a Truce in the Cloud Data Lake v. Cloud Data Warehouse Holy War, a fireside chat with Bill Inmon, “father” of data warehouse and Dave Mariani, founder and CTO of AtScale
  • How a Semantic Layer supports Data Products and Data Contracts, a panel discussion with Sanjeev Mohan, principal, SanjMo & former Gartner Research VP, Big Data and Advanced Analytics; Benn Stancil, chief analytics officer & founder, Mode; Chad Sanderson, chief operator, Data Quality Camp; and Yali Sassoon, co-founder and chief strategy officer, Snowplow
  • Data & Analytics Governance Strategies for Driving Growth & Preventing Anarchy, panel discussion about using the semantic layer for scaling AI/ML featuring Carly Taylor, machine learning for Call of Duty, Activision; Serg Masís, lead data scientist, Syngenta; and Ben Taylor, Chief AI Strategist, Dataiku

The summit will also offer a range of expert technical sessions led by industry leaders from companies such as AWS, Databricks, Dremio, Google Cloud, InterSystems, Monte Carlo, Snowflake, Snowplow, Stardog, Toric, and BigEye, covering a variety of formats and topics. The full agenda is now available on

“The opportunity to realize business value by decentralizing data and analytics innovation is often blocked by the sheer complexity of the modern data stack,” said Zhamak Dehghani, a pioneer in data mesh and the leading evangelist for the methodology. “Business semantics of data is a core challenge to be solved by leading organizations.”

“Cloud data platforms offer varying data architectures, making it challenging to navigate this ever-evolving landscape,” said Bill Inmon, widely recognized as the father of the data warehouse. “However, by implementing a semantic layer, businesses can more easily integrate, manage, and analyze data from disparate sources, regardless of the underlying architecture. The Semantic Layer Summit provides a valuable opportunity for industry experts to share insights and experiences on how to overcome modern-day data challenges and drive business success.”

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