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Experience AtScale and BigQuery together, delivering a powerful platform for large BI workloads on GCP without manual data engineering or flattening your tables to make them work for self-service analytics. 

Join AtScale CTO and founder, Dave Mariani and Bob Kelly, AtScale’s Director of Education and Enablement, for a demo of AtScale  + Google BigQuery including a deep dive into how to build a new semantic model with the AtScale Design Center using BigQuery as the principal repository, and then, consume it with a number of BI tools like Excel, Looker, and Tableau.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage AtScale’s semantic layer that automatically tunes Google BigQuery (GBQ) workloads based on user query behavior to boost BI performance, improve user concurrency and increase the ROI on your GBQ investment.
  • Create a multidimensional data model built on metrics running in BigQuery
  • Publish centrally governed, analysis-ready data models available to consumers via a live connection using any BI, Data Science, and ML service of our choice.
  • Extend tooling support through dialect support for DAX, MDX, Python, and SQL
  • Replace cube architectures like SSAS / OLAP

Who should sign up?

AI, BI, and Data practitioners (e.g., data and analytics leaders, data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, data architects and business intelligence professionals) who want to better understand how the Google BigQuery and AtScale’s Semantic Layer can enable better self-service analysis for everyone in your organization.

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