Extend Google Looker with AtScale

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The Challenge

Google Looker is a powerful visualization platform embedded in the Google cloud stack. Looker is based on its own markup language that can be used to build a semantic layer for raw data in Google BigQuery.

While Looker is an attractive solution for pure Google environments, the value of a universal semantic layer is lost as different data consumers connect other analytics tools (e.g. Excel) to cloud data. Further, even with the powerful GBQ query infrastructure, analytics based on large raw data sets can become sluggish within Looker.

The Solution

AtScale integrates with Looker with a native LookML interface. Looker dashboards issue LookML data requests against an AtScale semantic layer. AtScale optimizes query design and leverages automated performance optimization to deliver speed of thought performance while minimizing cloud resource consumption. AtScale can connect Looker to any cloud.

Connect Looker to AtScale & Other BI Tools

Key Business Benefits

AtScale lets Excel analysts take advantage of analytic and reporting flexibility with a live query connection to cloud data sources through a semantic layer that ensures consistency, governance, and high performance.

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Live Query Support

Delivers live query access to cloud data sources leveraging native LookML connectivity to Looker Dashboards

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Semantic Modeling

Generate semantic models that can be managed centrally and exposed to all data consumers using different BI tools including Looker. This allows any user to create data visualizations and make data-driven decisions.

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Performance Optimization

Optimize end-to-end analytics performance from any cloud data platform to Looker visualizations.

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Security and Governance

Extend role-based security and governance policies of source data to analytics consumption. This is especially beneficial for highly regulated industries like financial services and technology.

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AI/ML Ready

Leverage AtScale to simplify access to AI-generated insights with the ability to explore model outputs (e.g. forecasts) within Looker Dashboards.

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Integrate New Data Sources

Enhance Looker analytics with new data sources including integrations with third-party data from Amazon Data Exchange or Snowflake Data Marketplace.


AtScale enables smarter decision-making by accelerating the flow of data-driven insights. The company’s semantic layer platform simplifies, accelerates, and extends business intelligence and data science capabilities for enterprise customers across all industries.