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Learn how to democratize your enterprise data analytics using Generative AI

AI has become deeply integrated into both public consciousness and business operations, driving productivity, accuracy, and innovation.

This webinar focuses on the transformative impact of generative AI on enterprise decision-making and analytics, the importance of aligning AI strategy with business priorities, the need for strong sponsorship and funding, and the significance of measuring return on investment (ROI).

Join us for an upcoming webinar with guest speakers:

  • Steve Nouri, Renowned AI & Data Science Leader & Founder, GenAI Works
  • Arun Nandi, Sr. Director & Head of Data & Analytics

We’ll Cover how to:

  • Align your AI strategy with business priorities
  • Invest in strong sponsorship and funding
  • Measure ROI to ensure impactful AI initiatives
  • Learn from practical use cases, from SQL code generation to data cleaning
  • Use strategies to leverage AI for enhanced productivity & innovation