Changing the Game for OLAP and Business Intelligence with a Semantic Lakehouse


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Watch this Tech Talk to learn how AtScale and Databricks are collaborating to deliver a modern approach to delivering speed-of-thought analytics for cloud-scale data. Traditional OLAP solutions rely on extracting data out of centralized cloud data platforms and do not scale to accommodate the size of modern data sets. This results in complicated data pipelines and compromises that adversely impact the value of analytics solutions.

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This discussion features insights and best practices for building a modern business intelligence program on a Lakehouse architecture leveraging a semantic layer. AtScale and Databricks enable joint customers to deliver high performance analytics experiences on massive datasets to their data consumers while establishing a highly scalable semantic layer that democratizes analytics access to a broader set of users.

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In this Tech Talk

You will learn about:

  • Using a Data Lakehouse to deliver a modern, scalable analytics platform
  • Using a Semantic Layer to create a single source of governed enterprise metrics and analysis dimensions
  • Creating a elegant approach to accelerating business intelligence and analytics on large data sets managed in a Lakehouse
  • How Databricks and AtScale are partnering to deliver a “Semantic Lakehouse”