How to Capitalize on Telecom’s Most Important Data Value Drivers with a Semantic Layer


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Learn how a semantic layer strategy enables Telcos to improve their bottom line through better analysis of key revenue drivers like customer churn, customer support and customer lifecycle management.

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In this webinar, you will learn about the most important data value drivers in the Telecom industry today including: churn analytics, customer experience reinvention, customer value management and leveraging GenAI.

We’ll dive deep into “churn analytics” and show how a semantic layer unlocks revenue by improving churn analysis for historical churn actuals, interpretation of churn segments, personalization of customer retention activities, and using GenAI for autonomous customer retention management.

In this Tech Talk, you will learn about:

  • The most critical data value drivers in the Telecom industry today
  • Strategies for leveraging a semantic layer to achieve key data objectives like data consistency, data freshness, data unification and data cleanliness for GenAI
  • Deep dive demonstration on how a semantic layer helps companies deploy the right activities to reduce customer churn
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Who should watch

Data, AI & BI leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and BI/analytics professionals).