Power BI on Microsoft Fabric: Marketing or a Real Semantic Layer Solution


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Learn to what extent Microsoft Fabric’s capabilities can help you achieve your business objectives using a semantic layer solution.

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Microsoft is marketing that its Direct Lake architecture on Fabric is the ideal solution for enabling Power BI to have a direct query experience on cloud data without imports.

In this webinar, you will learn the most cost effective and query performant strategies for using Power BI to query data on cloud data platforms.

We will dive deep into AtScale’s TPC-DS benchmark report that tests the scalability, cost effectiveness and manageability of Microsoft Fabric Architecture.

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In this Tech Talk, you will learn:

  • A review of Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse architecture for Power BI semantic models.
  • AtScale’s TPC-DS testing methodology for measuring Power BI performance on Microsoft Fabric on 100GB, 1TB and 10TB of data.
  • TPC-DS benchmark performance and scalability comparisons for TPC-DS queries on Power BI with Direct Lake versus AtScale on Snowflake.
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Who should watch

Data, AI & BI leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and BI/analytics professionals).