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Watch this Tech Talk to learn practical advice and see how you can scale business intelligence across an Enterprise organization using various BI tools like Power BI, Excel and Tableau with Databricks SQL as your data lakehouse and AtScale as your universal semantic layer.

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Come learn about the evolution of data warehousing to the data lakehouse with special guest, Bill Inmon, the “Father of the Data Warehouse”, and hear about key concepts, tools, and techniques running BI workloads on Databricks SQL with technologist & author, Vihag Gupta, Senior Solutions Architect at Databricks & author of “Business Intelligence with Databricks SQL”. Dave Mariani will then demonstrate how the solutions work together to unify all data analytics into a single platform.

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In this Tech Talk

You will learn about:

  • The evolution of Data Warehousing and the emergence of the Data Lakehouse
  • The people, processes and technology required for implementing a Data Lakehouse
  • Using Databricks SQL to support your BI and AI ad hoc queries 
  • Unifying all data analytics into a single data platform (Databricks SQL) with a universal semantic layer to make analytics scalable and performant
  • See a live demo of using a semantic layer with a Databricks Lakehouse using a variety of BI and AI tools
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Who should watch

Data, AI & BI leaders and practitioners (e.g., Chief Data Officers, data scientists, and BI/analytics professionals) who want to better understand how to unify all data analytics into a single data platform (Databricks SQL).