How Rakuten Provides Data Analytics-On-Demand from Snowflake to All Stakeholders Using a Semantic Layer


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Companies of all sizes have embraced the power, scale and ease of use of Snowflake’s cloud data platform, along with the promise of cost-savings. But if you aren’t careful, cloud compute usage can sneak up on you and leave you with runaway costs no matter what BI tool you are using.

Join experts from Rakuten USA and AtScale to learn practical techniques on how you can reduce unnecessary compute and boost BI performance to realize an additional 270% ROI on Snowflake.

Mark Stange-Tregear, VP Analytics at Rakuten Rewards, and Dave Mariani, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer at AtScale, will teach you how to dramatically increase the return on your Snowflake investment by:

  • Managing the size of your Data Warehouse and adjusting horizontal scaling settings
  • Defining and setting limits on query times to prevent runaway queries
  • Implementing visibility and telemetry to monitor usage
  • Automating the creation, maintenance and management of data aggregates
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IT leaders, Business unit owners, Executives.