Real-World Modeling Challenges and Optimization

Rudy Widjaja

Senior Solutions Architect at AtScale

Chris Oshiro Headshot, Field Cto At AtScale
Chris Oshiro

Field CTO at AtScale

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Examining a real-world example, we’ll explore the process of modeling techniques. Starting with the reality of the data and ending with model validation, we’ll walk through the process of modeling a complex business use case (supply chain). We’ll discuss the power of the simple modeling techniques balanced with the options of sophisticated approaches.

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We discuss:

  • Polarity change – How to model a complex supply chain use case where a sales document has several items, each item has several delivery items and multiple delivery item get consolidated into less deliveries. 1 to Many and Many to 1 relationships.
  • Data realities – How to manage the reality of data when reshaping the data is not an option. We’ll focus on examples when all ‘dimension’ tables are also ‘fact’ tables.
  • Optimization techniques – How to start modeling with a traditional approach, but re-imagine the model to answer the business question in the most optimal way.