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Learn how fellow data and analytics leaders are building a self-service, data-driven culture that scales on their cloud data platforms.
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Watch this webinar panel to learn how fellow data and analytics leaders are creating self-service analytics infrastructures that scale for everyone in their organizations.

You will hear first-hand experiences using data as a strategic asset to drive smarter decisions including topics such as:

  • Treating data as a product, not a project
  • Architecting for scalable, governed self-service
  • Sharing data both inside and outside the organization
  • Strategies for promoting data literacy.
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Our featured speakers present practical guidance and share modern techniques that allow their organizations to deliver safe, self-service analytics at scale. They dive deep into different data consumption use cases, talk about their technology stacks, and discuss architectural design choices that enable them to make smarter data-driven decisions at scale.

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Data and analytics leaders and practitioners (including Chief Data Officers, data scientists, business intelligence, and analytics professionals) looking to extend self-service analytics and BI capability across their organization.