Democratize Data Access with an Enterprise Metrics Store

Building an Enterprise Metrics Store

Using the AtScale semantic layer, organizations can democratize data access and modernize business intelligence with an enterprise metrics store that puts analysis-ready data in the hands of analysts and decision makers.

Building Your Enterprise Metrics Store

A single source of governed analytics, that can be continually updated and managed as the business evolves, creates trust in data and fosters a culture of self-service analytics.

AtScale Powerful Metrics Design

Powerful Metrics Design

AtScale includes a powerful metrics design utility that supports both code-based and visual data modeling. Data teams can collaborate closely with business users on defining metrics, analysis dimensions, and data hierarchies to support sophisticated business intelligence use cases.

The ability to quickly define business metrics lets analytics teams keep up with the pace of business – staying current with new data sources and being responsive to requests for new views of data. Even the most complex metrics can be easily defined and published for use.


Simplify Data Pipelines

AtScale builds metrics using a powerful query virtualization platform, meaning data is not physically moved in order to make metrics available for consumption. Once a metric is published, the data pipeline is automatically defined.

As users request data cuts, AtScale dynamically generates queries against source data using the pre-defined metrics. This approach radically simplifies analytics data pipelines while hardening against disruption caused by changes to underlying data.

Simplify Data Pipelines
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Choose your BI Platform

Access metrics stores based on the AtScale semantic layer using the BI tool of your choice, including Power BITableau, LookerExcel, and Jupyter Notebooks.

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Live Connection to Cloud Data Platforms

Build self-serve BI strategies with enterprise metrics stores built on top of live data managed in leading cloud data platforms.

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