AtScale + Snowflake: The Analytics Solution That Can Handle Data At Scale

AtScale and Snowflake

Snowflake is a great cloud native data warehousing platform. Combine Snowflake with AtScale and you get an analytics platform that can handle the biggest data with the most complex analytics at scale. AtScale can turn your Snowflake data warehouse into the world’s most flexible, cost effective and powerful multi-dimensional data platform.

Eliminate Data Extracts and Unnecessary ETL

Leave all your data where it landed in Snowflake. AtScale’s “no data movement” architecture eliminates the need to create data extracts for your BI tools (Tableau, Excel, PowerBI, etc.). AtScale will deliver lightening fast queries on Snowflake without manual tuning or moving data. With AtScale, you don’t need to manually flatten your data to take advantage of Snowflake’s full table scan optimizations. Your traditional star schemas will work just as well (or better) in Snowflake as they do in your traditional relational data warehouses like Teradata and Oracle.

See how AtScale can eliminate manual ETL and data extracts (1 minute video):

Eliminate Data Extracts and Unnecessary ETL

Turn Data into Business-Ready Analytics in Seconds

The AtScale semantic layer transforms raw Snowflake data into business-friendly measures and dimensions without data movement or data engineering. With AtScale, you can define all your business logic in one place and make new data sources and types available for business consumption instantly.

See how AtScale transforms nested data into business friendly dimensions instantly (60 second video):

Turn Data into Business Ready Analytics in Seconds

Deliver “Speed of Thought” Queries, with Predictable Compute Costs, on Billions of Rows of Data

AtScale’s accelerated data structures turbo-charges your Snowflake queries, optimizing your Snowflake data warehouse automatically using machine learning driven by user query behaviors. In fact, AtScale takes advantage of Snowflake’s multi-cluster warehouse capability by intelligently routing queries to the appropriate sized cluster. No matter the size or granularity of your data, AtScale delivers consistent performance with predictable compute consumption so there’s no unhappy users or unanticipated bills.

See how AtScale delivers subsecond queries against Snowflake’s TPC-DS 100TB sample dataset (3.5 minute video):

Deliver Speed of Thought Queries on Billions of Rows

Make Microsoft Excel Work “Live” on Snowflake

Excel is still by far the world’s most popular way to consume data. There are over a billion Excel users who are hungry for access to live, granular data for making business decisions. AtScale creates a live connection from Excel to a Snowflake data warehouse without any client-side software, making your Snowflake investment available to any user with Excel on their desktop.

See Excel work “live” with Snowflake (60 second video):

Make Microsoft Excel Work "Live" on Snowflake

AtScale and Snowflake for Better BI

Snowflake and AtScale together deliver a modern, scalable and affordable data warehouse without all the fuss of data management and tuning. See for yourself how AtScale can leverage your Snowflake investment and democratize data access for everyone who needs it.

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