A Capitalist’s Approach to Analytics & Performance

A Capitalists Approach To Analytics Performance

One of the most important concepts any business must consider when investing in technology infrastructure or applications is ROI (return on investment). Capital is one of the most precious commodities an organization has – and often one of the most scarce – next to (or right behind) people. At AtScale, our primary mission is to help organizations around the globe modernize their analytics infrastructure and applications; essentially, making Cloud OLAP a reality for the Fortune 2000.  

The vast majority of our prospects and customers are on a multi-phased journey to modernize their analytics stack, an endeavor that is expensive, both in the form of time (resource) and capital. Hence, one of the investments we’ve made is data platform benchmark tests to evaluate cloud costs, query performance, user concurrency performance and analytics complexity; leveraging industry standard data sets and testing methodologies that are recognized globally as the “golden rule” for any data platform.

Last fall we started the benchmark series, which can be found here, to provide detailed analysis on the emerging cloud data platforms and their Cloud OLAP capabilities. Today, I’m happy to announce another platform has been added to our benchmark analysis – Microsoft’s Azure Synapse. Azure Synapse joins the likes of Snowflake, Google BigQuery, AWS Redshift, etc. in our TPC-DS benchmark analysis. Take a look at the Azure Synapse benchmark here to learn how you can get the most out of your investment in the platform. You will also find a link to the Github repository where all of the data, queries, context, etc can be found if you would like to execute on your own.  

Keep an eye on the AtScale blog along with Dataversity in the coming weeks as I’ll be sharing additional concepts of ROI, Cloud migration, performance and overall trends in the analytics ecosystem.     

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