Data News Roundup- Thursday, February 19th

Data News Roundup- February 18th

Welcome back to our “Data News Roundup” for this week! We hope that you all had a chance to check out the details for our upcoming webinar, “How SlickDeals Delivers Analysis-Ready Data from its Snowflake Data Warehouse to Support Business-Critical Decisions,” with SlickDeals. In this webinar, the experts from AtScale and SlickDeals will show you:

  • How using a universal semantic layer to virtualize data leads to improved innovation cycles across data consumption use cases.
  • How data-driven organizations can increase what’s possible with their existing analytics and business intelligence stack.
  • How decisions about transformative data architecture and a cloud data platform enable control of costs in the cloud.

And much more!

To reserve your spot, register here.

Now, what’s new with data and tech this week? Keep reading to find out!

Google to work more closely with the Mayo Clinic at new Minnesota office– FEBRUARY 18TH

By Stephanie Condon 


Following the news of their partnership, Google announced that they will now have a physical location in Minnesota where “the space will be largely dedicated to software engineering and AI teams from Google Cloud and Google Health.”

What Do Business Leaders Need to Know About Data Strategy?– FEBRUARY 17TH

By Gary McCarthy 


Why do business leaders view data as a “technology project” instead of a “corporate asset”? In this article, Gary McCarthy shares how to create and act on your data goals.

Remote working is here to stay: These eight strategies can make it more successful for everyone– FEBRUARY 17TH

By Owen Hughes


What will make your remote team succeed in 2021? Owen Hughes speaks to flexible working schedules, trust and a people-focused culture.

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