Data News Roundup- January 14th, 2021

Data News Roundup- January 14th, 2021

Welcome back to another Data News Roundup! Before we get into this week’s stories, we would like to share that on January 28th, we will be hosting a new webinar, “How to Blend Data from Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Marketo to Optimize Your Sales & Marketing Channel ROI,” with Fivetran. In this webinar we will cover how to blend data from Salesforce and Marketo for campaign data analytics, and Google Analytics for website traffic analytics. To reserve your spot, register here

Now, let’s get into this week’s stories! 

Workday adds vaccine management to Return to Workplace offering– January 14th

By Larry Dignan


How are teams preparing for the return of the workplace? Workday has created a management system where “The vaccination management will ride along with Workday’s Return to Workplace applications. Like Salesforce’s and ServiceNow’s efforts, Workday is looking to enable customers to analyze immunizations, plan for scenarios, engage and support workers and tweak operating models.”

Microsoft debuts its second ‘vertical cloud’: Microsoft Cloud for Retail– January 13th 

By Mary Jo Foley 


Microsoft announced their “Microsoft Cloud for Retail”  where users can see how the cloud “combines services and features from Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and, specific for retail customers, Microsoft Advertising.”

Adopting AI-Powered Decision Making– January 14th 

By Prajit Datta 

Forbes Tech Council 

Has your opinion towards AI evolved? In this article, Prajit Datta, shares their attitudes towards AI, the abilities of the human mind and and how “we will move from a data-driven to an AI-driven approach to decision-making.”

2021 Prediction from the Edge and IoTJanuary 11th 

By Alex Woodie


We’re officially two weeks into 2021. What can we expect to see for the remainder of the year? Alex Woodie speaks to multiple tech leaders about their predictions.

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