Data News Roundup- January 7th 2021

Data News Roundup- January 7th

Welcome back to our first Data News Roundup of 2021! The AtScale team is excited to see what this year will bring for data and technology. What do you expect to see this year? In this blog post, Chris Lynch, CEO of AtScale, shares seven of his predictions for the new year. 

AtScale Co-Founders Sarah Gerweck and Dave Mariani joined AtScale Field CTO, Chris Oshiro, to share their predictions for 2021 in a new episode of our podcast, CHATSCALE. 

Now, let’s get into this week’s stories! 

Two-thirds of CIOs admit their systems just aren’t ready for the future– January 5th

By Owen Hughes

Tech Republic 

In a survey conducted by IBM, they found that CIOs understand the value need for a digital transformation but have a long road ahead of them to do so. The survey also reflects attitudes towards the cloud, “In particular, demand for cloud infrastructure has boomed over the past 12 months. Ninety-five percent of IT leaders surveyed by IBM said they were looking to adopt public, hybrid or private cloud strategies, with more than half (53%) saying they were ‘aggressively’ pursuing a public cloud strategy, 48% a hybrid cloud strategy and 45% a private cloud strategy.”

Everything you need to know about Zoom during the pandemic, in 8 charts– January 6th

By David Gerwitz


2020 was a record year for Zoom. In this article, ZDNet shares the data that maps their success.

7 big data wishes for 2021: IoT standardization, stronger use cases, and more– January 6th 

By Mary Shacklett

Tech Republic

What are your new year resolutions? For data and tech, IoT standardization, customer sensitivity and understanding ML and AI are at the forefront. 

Salesforce’s Acquisition Of Slack Confirms Chat Is The Nervous System Of The Internet– January 7th 

By John Kim 

Forbes Tech Council 

“The world moves fast. People want instant answers, instant gratification to their messages. They want real-time communication, and the comment thread model of Chatter (and the early social companies) falls short of today’s expectations. Slack makes up for these deficiencies in a manner that people simply love and drives engagement.” In this article, John Kim, Co-Founder and CTO of SendBird, speaks to the success of the leading messenger application and our grown reliance on it since the beginning of the pandemic.

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