Employee Spotlight: Mike Carlino

Employee Spotlight: Mike Carlino

Employee Spotlight: Mike Carlino

At AtScale, our mission is to build strong relationships not only within our own team, but within our customer relationships. We are dedicated to empowering our customers and providing them with the service and support that they need to feel confident in the way that they use and think about their data. Who is responsible for this initiative? The AtScale Customer Success team.  In this new employee spotlight interview, we are proud to introduce you to Mike Carlino, Vice President of Customer Success. 

What is your role at AtScale? What excites you about it? 

A: I have responsibility for the Customer Success team here at AtScale, which consists of the Technical Support, Professional Services, Educational Services, and Customer Success Manager teams.

There are two perspectives on what excites me here at AtScale. First, assisting customers in not only solving issues for them but also allowing them to maximize their investment in AtScale. Second, I love working everyday with such a dedicated and competent team, both within Customer Success and across AtScale.  

How long have you been working with the company for?

A: I have been at AtScale for 15 months (started in January 2019).

What does a typical day look like for you? 

A: I guess the running joke is there is no “typical” day within a Customer Success team as our days are very dynamic, driven by the activities of our customers. But I generally work through my days thinking about things in two ways: 

1.) The tactical day-to-day activities that are driven by our customers and our operations which include customer interactions/planning, product advancement, and team performance.

2.)  The progression of the team and its capabilities through strategic planning, process improvements, and being sensible on focusing our resources.

How would you define customer success?

A: I tend to think about that question a little differently, in that it’s not so much how I define customer success, it’s how our customers define success. Customer interactions are a very artful and dynamic endeavour. We try to focus on whether we’ve delighted our customers and if you have delighted the customer, in their definition of delight, then you’re heading on the right path. We use simple surveys, more so, CSAT related rather than NPS (more of a corporate measure), constant dialogue, and QBRs, to determine if we’ve delighted our customers.

As you’ve been able to work with our AtScale customers in the past year, can you recall a proud moment where you saw your team making a positive impact?

A: I  can sight many proud moments, but I’d say the “theme” that I’m most proud of is how our team builds true two-way partnerships with our customers. Instilling confidence in our ability to address issues, whether an issue is related to AtScale or something in the customer’s business tool or data warehouse ecosystem. A natural by-product of a true partnership is trust and once you’ve achieved trust the focus becomes on the advancement of the customer’s business.

What makes AtScale and our Cloud OLAP model unique? How do our customers benefit from our technology? 

A: The benefits I see from AtScale, while working through customer interactions, are the significant performance gains that the customer achieves in their query/report times as well as the ability to seamlessly integrate (or migrate) disparate BI tools and data warehouses into a single view and management structure.

Why did you choose to work for AtScale? How is your current role different from your past leadership roles? 

A: I chose AtScale for three reasons. The first reason being the leadership, the AtScale leadership team has a tremendous track record. Second, innovation. AtScale is not another “me too” company. And lastly, the commitment to our team and our customer’s success.

While I’ve spent a most of my career in the Customer Success space, every role has been slightly different as every company and set of customers presents a unique set of opportunities. Here at AtScale, the team has a very strong work ethic and an ethos to move quickly and logically without over complicating or over-thinking decisions and actions.  

Describe AtScale in three words.

A: Innovative, Agile, Assiduous.

Describe the Boston team in three words. 

A: Competent, Motivated, Gregarious.

When you’re not in the office, where are people most likely to find you?

A: Depending on the season you can find me watching my kids on the lacrosse field, field hockey field, or hockey rink. Otherwise, on the mountain biking trails all around New England.

Thank you, Mike!
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