Employee Spotlight: Stilian Elenkov

Stilian Elenkov

Stilian Elenkov

What sets AtScale apart from other companies? Our team. Although we’re a small team, we make a big impact in the lives of our customers. Today, we are pleased to introduce you to one of the newest members of our team, Stilian Elenkov. 

What is your role at AtScale? Can you tell us about the responsibilities that come with your role?

A: I am the lead of the engineering project management team in Bulgaria and I lead the engineering process here. I’ve been with the company for less than a month and I’m already deep into all of the intricacies of our processes. I’m doing a lot of interviews to find the right people for the right teams here in Sofia (Bulgaria) and I’m working on the next product release to make sure that we deliver it on time with good quality. 

How did you get your start working in technology? 

A: This goes back to the 80’s. Some time back in elementary school, I went to an exhibition and there was a clone of Apple Mac II with the old green screen and it was really fun as a kid to play with it. From that experience I got hooked on computers and technology and I’ve been in this field ever since. Once you get hooked, you’re on for life. 

What makes AtScale unique? 

A: A lot of things. First, we have amazing people. I’ve managed to meet with most of the people that work here. All of the teams have really good team and personal dynamics and are extremely knowledgeable people of all levels of technology and really cool to just sit down, drink beers and talk about anything with. We’re really well structured. With the small teams that we have, we achieve something that much bigger companies cannot do. We have really cool technology and the whole idea behind AtScale is revolutionary. Nobody has what we have. We are doing patents right now that Google and Amazon are looking at with interest. I hope that we can keep the same dynamics of the company growing. We’re very innovative, cutting-edge and at the same time, laid back and relaxed. 

Can you describe the AtScale team? 

A: Very easy to communicate with and eager to help. I’ve never seen this at other companies that I’ve been at. It’s close enough to family in the way that we collaborate and work together. Normally, when you have teams in multiple places, there is usually a little bit of tension (even when you don’t want to admit it). I don’t see that here. I see a really healthy and collaborative team. 

Describe AtScale in three words. 

A: Agile, cutting-edge, cool. 

What should customers expect to see from us this year?

A:  We have a new release with a lot of new features. This is a big thing that is slated for early next year and will be  the beta version of our SaaS offerings. For us and our customers, this is a game changer.  And, we are looking to move our entire process of development and QA into a cloud-like infrastructure. This will be a hybrid private and public cloud, so we can address the needs of our customers and offer a solid solution in early 2021. We are looking at  plugging in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and artificial intelligence modules that will help us to internally do better QA and tests on the Cloud. We’ll also use it for a lot of automation tasks in order to avoid doing repetitive things manually and hopefully that will transfer into the product itself. That is better prediction algorithms and aggregates for the SaaS offerings. We have more than a handful of things to do and that’s quite a challenge, but we’re up to it.

Can you share an interesting fact about yourself that people may be surprised to learn? 

A:  I do a lot of outdoor activities. I kitesurf, snowboard and I actually have a pilot’s license to fly a small plane. I like being outdoors, whether that’s by the mountains or by the seaside. 

Thank you, Stilian! 
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