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AtSale Semantic Layer

Next-Generation Platform

AtScale has announced the general availability of the AtScale Semantic Layer Platform containerized edition! This new release encapsulates everything we have learned and leveraged with our existing product over the last decade in a new, modern package offering effortless scaling and seamless integration with leading cloud data warehouses, thanks to a modernized architecture. 

As the universal semantic layer that sits between data and decisions, we know how critical it is to present your data at the speed of thought. To achieve this, we now offer the AtScale Semantic Platform as a Kubernetes package, letting you capitalize on AtScale’s existing query optimization and the scale and security of a containerized solution. 

Key Innovations:

  • Universal Semantic Hub: This feature allows organizations of any size or sector to leverage semantic technologies with their preferred data products and BI tools, improving agility and cost-efficiency.
  • Enhanced Discoverability and Reusability: An object-oriented, code and no-code modeling tool promotes sharing and collaboration among business analysts, data engineers, and data scientists.
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery: To support our diverse set of developers and business analysts in the BI, Analytics, and Data markets, we now utilize Git as our single source of truth for the product. This means that users can leverage the same SDLC and CI/CD processes already in place so that their enterprises can build and deliver a semantic layer across their organization. 

Key Features of the Next-Generation Platform

Advanced Architecture:

  • Container-Based Deployment: Offers new deployment options via Kubernetes or Docker, enhancing scalability, elasticity, resilience, and automation. AtScale can now be deployed via the same pipelines the enterprise uses wherever the runtime is required, supporting a hybrid deployment model.

Docker compose on GA AtScale

  • Support for Generative AI and LLMs: This service acts as a metadata hub and common language, enriching data with relevant business context for enhanced reliability and accuracy.
  • Enhanced Enterprise Integration: This was achieved through open-source packaging for Keycloak, OpenTelemetry, OpenAPI, and KeyGen, with additional BI tooling and support for open protocols. AtScale now seamlessly plugs into your existing enterprise monitoring and DevOps stack. 
  • Availability on Cloud Marketplaces: The next-generation platform is now available on leading cloud marketplaces, including Google Cloud Marketplace and Snowflake Snowpark Container Services (SPCS) as a Native Application. This availability ensures organizations can easily deploy and integrate AtScale’s solutions within their cloud environments. 

Integration and Modeling Tools:

  • dbt Metrics Translator: Allows dbt semantic models to integrate seamlessly with AtScale’s live query support for tools like Tableau, Power BI, and Excel. You can simply point to an existing dbt repository, and AtScale will convert the dbt Semantic Models to AtScale models, allowing you to re-use that custom logic. 

dbt convert on AtScale

  • Semantic Modeling IDE: This completely redesigned IDE supports both no-code and code-first data modeling within the same user experience. This fast, responsive UI allows developers to pick their path forward based on their personal or professional preferences.  

dbt semantic models on AtScale

  • We also debuted the Semantic Modeling Language (SML), a sophisticated, object-oriented modeling language to express complex business concepts fully. It utilizes a YAML-based modeling language that integrates with Git for full CI/CD support.SML facilitates the sharing and reusing of composable and versionable semantic objects, allowing enterprises to leverage their existing SDLC policies for semantic objects. 

New Git

For more information about AtScale’s relaunched platform and innovative features, please watch the Semantic Layer Summit Keynote and our product demos. Want to see AtScale in action? Schedule a demo or download our free Developer Edition!

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