Supercharge your DataOps: CIO and CDO unite to create a shared data intellect

Supercharge your Dataops

Embracing DataOps

DataOps seeks to realize the insight-driven business by creating better ways to develop and deliver analytics across organizations. DataOps emphasizes interactions, working analytics, customer collaboration, experimentation and cross-functional ownership over tools, documentation, contracts, upfront design and siloed responsibilities [The DataOps Manifesto]. DataOps is important because, according to Forrester, companies who develop cross-organizational systems to use data more effectively will earn $1.2 trillion in total revenue in 2021 thanks in part to these resulting faster and meaningful data-driven insights [Forrester]. However, these game-changing insights can only be delivered if DataOps teams develop flexible and extensible environments that clear the technical hurdles of enterprise data.

These obstacles include:

  • Limited access to data
  • Difficulty matching up data from disparate data sources
  • Slow query performance
  • Data security and governance issues
  • Business disruption from altering the architecture of the enterprise data

Boosting DataOps: Shared Data Intellect

By combining the technical capabilities of the CIO with the analytical focus of the CDO, organizations can boost their DataOps by developing a “shared data intellect.” This cross-organizational perspective transforms how operational analytics are delivered, allowing all lines of business the same view into the data of the company. With this transparency across the business, better decisions can be made that drive real growth and results.

Clearing the way for intelligent data virtualization

Modernizing your data warehouse with intelligent data virtualization clears the way for a shared data intellect by focusing on:

  1. Unencumbered connectivity to data and feeds of data
  2. Data transformation for a business-centric shared view of the data and BI/OA tool-agnostic access
  3. Superior analytical and query performance
  4. Data security at rest and in flight

Opening the door to the insight-driven business

DataOps only thrives if analytics emphasize interactions, working analytics, customer collaboration, experimentation and cross-functional ownership over processes and data silos.

By boosting their DataOps with intelligent data virtualization, organizations unite data across the entire business without moving it, share common views securely and drive unprecedented analytics and query performance, leading to new creative discoveries, new services and new business models.

In other words, the CIO and the CDO can transform their entire organization with shared data intellect and make insight-driven decisions, united, for the shared mission of supporting the company’s bottom line.

Learn more on the four ways organizations can apply intelligent data virtualization to create a shared data intellect in the full paper here.