What You Might Have Missed in June 2018

What You Might Have Missed At AtScale In June 2018

As the World Cup is kicking off, some of us might be spending a lot of sleepless nights (or waking up earlier) to watch the games. Here is a fun fact: the most anticipated match is from Group H, Japan Vs Belgium (with 4.9B page views out of 9B page views). Interesting.

We definitely want to make sure you don’t miss out on your big data news while you’re enjoying soccer games, here is what you might have missed in June.

The State of Business Intelligence, 2018: The Dresner Advisory Service conducted an assessment on the Business Intelligence Market. The study provides key user trends, attitude and intentions. The study also reveals that end-user self-service and data warehouse are among the top five most important technologies and initiatives strategic to BI in 2018.

Hortonworks and Google Cloud Expand Partnership to Accelerate Big Data Analytics in the Cloud: Hortonworks announced its partnership with Google Cloud, allowing customers to deploy HDP on Google. In support of the recent Cloud migration, customers on HDP can move data between on-premise and GCP deployment.

Best Business Intelligence Software 2018: There are hundreds of BI tools out there. While everyone has his or her own preferred BI tools, CIO Asia came up with a couple of BI tools on their favorites list. Did your BI tool make the list?

Four Data Analytics Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them: Data Science is one of the pathways for many organizations to increase productivity and profitability. When you start to build your data science team, beware the traps that prevent your success. Here are four pitfalls you should avoid in the process.

5 Fixes For Your Failing Big Data Initiatives: We all know that there are tremendous advantages to leveraging big data. Yet many enterprises are still failing at their data initiatives. Here are some key reasons for these failures and ways to solve these issues.

Big Data Startup AtScale Brings On Star CEO: Chris Lynch, a prominent Boston-based technology leader, joins AtScale as the Executive Chairman and CEO. Chris brings years of enterprise experience to help AtScale grow faster.

For a fun big data article to read in between those late night games, here is how big data expanded into the industry of soccer. Big data is here to take over, one industry at a time. Hope you enjoy these articles. Until next time, keep up with big data! Make sure you don’t miss the important news by subscribing to this blog and AtScale’s LinkedIn page.