AtScale Announces Enhanced Power BI and Excel Integrations for Scaling Enterprise Analytics on Cloud Data Platforms

BOSTON — July 26, 2023 — AtScale, the leading provider of semantic layer solutions for modern business intelligence and data science teams, today announced expanded integrations with Power BI and Excel to support enterprise data and analytics teams leveraging the breadth and flexibility of the Microsoft analytics suite.

AtScale is introducing five important enhancements to its Microsoft Analytics integration:

  • AtScale Connector for Power BI: Power BI Desktop now includes a connector enabling simple connection of a Power BI workspace to an existing AtScale model.
  • Support for both Tabular and Multidimensional Connections to Power BI: This new capability offers maximum flexibility to Power BI users with both tabular and multidimensional interfaces to the same AtScale model. This enables Power BI developers to use custom DAX calculations while also maintaining the structure and governance offered by a multidimensional model.
  • Advanced Modeling Utilities: AtScale now provides BI architects with a set of modeling utilities that simplify creation of common, but complex, model elements like time-relative measures, intelligent dimensions, and calculation groups. By leveraging native DAX and MDX connectivity, Power BI and Excel users inherit the full intelligence embedded in the AtScale model, thereby simplifying sophisticated dashboard design and analytics product development.
  • Model Object Shareability: BI architects can now easily share model objects, such as metric definitions, conformed dimensions, or time-relative calculations, across AtScale models. This simplifies BI modeling and enables Power BI and Excel dashboard designers to leverage pre-built model elements as they build the data sets in their analytics workspaces.
  • Analytics Governance Utilities: AtScale now supports data mesh and hub-and-spoke analytics design principles, empowering centralized analytics teams to enforce consistent dimensions and metrics definitions. These governed model elements can be implemented by Power BI dashboard designers or business analysts working with Excel.

For a demo on how to leverage the new Power BI enhancements and build a brand-new model from scratch, watch AtScale’s informative video here.

“AtScale brings a new, very practical paradigm for supporting the Power BI community with enterprise-scale governance and scalability,” said Greg Deckler, seven-time Microsoft MVP for Data Platform, author, and active member of the Power BI community. “Even with the introduction of Microsoft Fabric, the Power BI community still needs solutions for efficiently scaling performance and managing the complex data models supporting business intelligence.”

Microsoft Power BI is the market share leader for business intelligence (BI) with widespread adoption across the Global 2000. Microsoft remains at the forefront cutting edge of enterprise BI, delivering ongoing innovation in data visualization, interactive analytics experience, AI-augmented analytics, and embeddability across the Microsoft 365 stack.

“This integration represents AtScale’s commitment to empowering organizations with robust analytics capabilities through seamless integration and maximum flexibility, while simplifying BI modeling and accelerating the development process,” said Leon Gordon, founder, Onyx Data, and Microsoft MVP.

AtScale has a long history of partnership and co-innovation with Microsoft, having been the first semantic layer platform to introduce native support for Microsoft’s Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) query language. Native DAX support lets Power BI users connect to AtScale in live connection mode, establishing high performance, live query access to data sets managed on cloud data platforms, including Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Databricks, and Amazon Redshift. AtScale supports an open data fabric approach, connecting best-in-class analytics platforms such as Power BI and Excel to the world’s most powerful cloud data platforms.

“Microsoft has become a dominant force in enterprise analytics and business intelligence based on the pervasive adoption of Power BI and Excel,” added Christopher Lynch, CEO for AtScale. “AtScale gives data teams a pathway to embrace the power and flexibility of Microsoft Analytics, while leveraging the full capability and elasticity of modern cloud data platforms, creating the scalable analytics infrastructure necessary to support growth and innovation.”

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