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The Value of Using a Semantic Layer for AI and BI – Modernizing OLAP Workloads

A Research Perspective by Ventana Research


The Value of Using a Semantic Layer for AI and BI - Cover


Read this original research report to uncover three reasons to use a semantic layer: bridge AI & BI teams to Improve data-driven decision-making, realize the value of the data mesh approach and modernize OLAP workloads.

A semantic layer fills a void left in many analytic architectures. It is a centralized place to
define business logic, ensure reporting is consistent, accelerate insights and make data more

This research perspective by Ventana Research explains how the semantic layers make it possible for databases to function effectively in today’s data landscape, enabling organizations to maximize the value of a data mesh approach and allow for the modernization of analytics activities.

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Semantic layers improve the speed, scale and impact of data analytics and BI by eliminating data and process silos and centralizing data governance and data management.