Optimize Analytics Workloads on Cloud Data Platforms

AtScale delivers a cloud-first approach to accelerating performance and minimizing cloud resource consumption by orchestrating cloud data platforms and providing native integration to BI platforms.

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An Elegant Solution to Optimizing Analytics Performance on your Data Cloud

AtScale extends capabilities of modern cloud data platforms to deliver “last-mile” performance acceleration and user experience enhancement for BI and analytics workloads. Modern cloud data platforms simplify centralization of data assets and deliver powerful and flexible query access.

But delivering a speed of thought analytics experience on large data sets requires another level of data engineering that is beyond capabilities of business users. AtScale simplifies and automates the data engineering by autonomously defining, orchestrating, and materializing performance acceleration structures to support analytics user experience. All queries and temporary views are orchestrated on the cloud data platform.

Simplify Data Pipelines

AtScale builds metrics using a powerful query virtualization platform, meaning data is not physically moved in order to make metrics available for consumption. Once a metric is published, the data pipeline is automatically defined.

As users request data cuts, AtScale dynamically generates queries against source data using the pre-defined metrics. This approach radically simplifies analytics data pipelines while hardening against disruption caused by changes to underlying data.

Simplify Data Pipelines

Optimize Cloud Resource Consumption

AtScale complements modern cloud platforms with an elegant approach to defining virtualized data pipelines that leverage the full power of cloud query engines and orchestration utilities to dynamically manage aggregate views to accelerate performance while minimizing resource consumption.

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Intelligent Aggregate Management

Aggregates are automatically designed and created based on user query behavior and potential benefit to analytics performance.

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Dynamic Query Pushdown

User requested data cuts are converted to optimized SQL and passed to cloud data platforms. Aggregate creation and transformations all execute on the same data platform as raw data eliminating unnecessary data movement.

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Graph Based Query Planning

Queries can be planned automatically using graph-based algorithms that find the most efficient approach by leveraging aggregates and queries against source data.

Speed of Thought Analytics Experience on Common BI Tools.

Live query access to common data clouds on BI tools of your choice including Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and Excel.

Live Connection to Cloud Data Platforms

Accelerate BI and analytics workloads while managing resource consumption for leading cloud data platforms.


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