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Join Us to Learn How to Build Business Forecasts Using Microsoft Excel with 10X the Data and 20X the Speed

In a world that relies so heavily on data, you are either keeping up with the speed of growth or just barely holding on. For Microsoft Excel users who want to better understand the needs of their business, it isn’t uncommon to hear that they are overwhelmed with the complexities that come with having a lot of data. 

In a live webinar on September 24th, the experts from AtScale and SafeGraph will show you how to create seamless forecasting models that keep up with your growing data at accelerating speeds. 

What will you learn?

In this live webinar, you will learn how to: 

  • Combine your data with public or purchased data to enrich insights
  • Build sophisticated time-relative analyses like period to date calculations
  • Use Microsoft Excel pivot tables against billions of data points for data exploration
  • Build a model that will automatically refresh at the cell level 

And much more! 

Register Now to learn how  to use Microsoft Excel with more data, faster. 

How to Build Business Forecasts with Microsoft Excel

Date/Time: Thursday, September 24th, 10 AM PT, 1 PM ET 

About SafeGraph: 

SafeGraph is a data company that seeks to understand the physical world and power innovation through open access to geospatial data. SafeGraph has built the source of truth for physical places, covering business listing information, building footprints, and foot-traffic insights for 6+ Million Points-of-Interest in both the US and Canada

About AtScale: 

The Global 2000 relies on AtScale – the intelligent data virtualization company – to provide a single, secured and governed workspace for distributed data. The combination of the company’s Cloud OLAP, Autonomous Data EngineeringTM and Universal Semantic LayerTM powers business intelligence resulting in faster, more accurate business decisions at scale.

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