Data News Roundup- Thursday, October 22nd

Data News Roundup- October 22nd

Welcome to AtScale’s Data News Roundup for Thursday, October 22nd, 2020, a weekly roundup of top news stories impacting the world of big data and analytics.

AtScale this week released the latest version of its software with the AtScale 2020.4 platform to extend Cloud Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities for cloud data platforms, including Snowflake and analytics applications like Microsoft Excel and Tableau. “The AtScale 2020.4 platform includes new functionality for accelerating feature engineering in AI and machine learning workflows while ensuring consistency and governance of the business inputs,” reports an article in Database Trends & Applications.

Below are the stories in this week’s roundup. Enjoy!

Big data and DevOps: No longer separate silos, and that’s a good thing – October 20th, 2020

By Mary Shacklett


This article reports that according to Bill Detwiler, editor in chief of TechRepublic, “’The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the blending of data analytics and DevOps, meaning developers, data scientists, and product managers will need to work more closely together than ever before.’” Now IT and big data may be working together for better outcomes, writes Mary Shacklett in TechRepublic.

The ‘Failure’ Of Big Data – October 20th, 2020

By Randy Bean


Only 26.8% of firms report having forged a data-culture, according to NewVantage Partners 2020 Big Data and Executive Survey. In addition, the survey of Fortune 1000 senior C-executive decision-makers with responsibility and oversight for data initiatives reveals that only 37.8% of firms reported that they were data-driven. According to this article by Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, “2021 will represent a decade since Big Data came into prominence, and based on industry findings, the promise remains largely unfulfilled.”

Who knew? Hadoop is over, says former Hortonworks guru Scott Gnau – October 21st, 2020

By Lindsay Clark

The Register

Teradata veteran Scott Gnau, head of data platforms at InterSystems, reflects on the Hadoop legacy and where those with torrential data workloads should go next. InterSystems recently introduced InterSystems IRIS® Adaptive Analytics, a new solution within InterSystems IRIS data platform and InterSystems IRIS® for Health™. InterSystems IRIS Adaptive Analytics was developed in partnership with AtScale, the leading provider of Intelligent Data VirtualizationTM for advanced analytics.

Tech Is Transforming People Analytics. Is That a Good Thing? – October 21st, 2020

By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Ian Bailie

Harvard Business Review

This article explores whether or not new technologies can help keep people safe and boost employee performance or productivity, among other things. Thanks to new tools and technologies, there have been advances in each of the major verticals of talent management. “Technology, coupled with the near-ubiquitous digitization of work and work-related behaviors, has the potential to help organizations monitor, predict, and understand employee behaviors (and thoughts) at scale,” writes Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Ian Bailie in this HBR article, but it’s imperative that ethics are at the forefront of these tech initiatives.


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