Join us to Learn How to Get More Value from your Snowflake Investment

Join us to Learn How to Get More Value from your Snowflake Investment

Want to improve the ROI on your Snowflake Cloud data warehouse? Join the experts from Rakuten Rewards and AtScale on a live webinar this Thursday, July 23rd and learn how. In an hour, they will explain how you can reduce unnecessary costs and boost BI performance on the Snowflake platform.

A Sneak Peak…

Snowflake’s cloud data platform comes with the promise of cost-savings. But, if you aren’t careful, cloud compute usage can sneak up on you and leave you with runaway costs.

We’ve called in some of the experts in the area, including our own Dave Mariani, Co-Founder and Chief-Strategy officer of AtScale, and Mark Stange-Tregear, VP at Rakuten Rewards, to discuss the possible price challenge and ideas on how to increase the return on investment drastically. 

When Dave performed benchmark testing on Snowflake last Fall, he was able to lower compute costs significantly. Using AtScale, he was able to minimize the amount of data scanned. Because AtScale takes less time to run queries and fewer resources are used, BI users can run queries at the same time (higher concurrency) without additional hardware or resources. He’ll go into more detail in our webinar.

Mark and the Rakuten Rewards team restructured their data infrastructure by moving from an on-premises Hadoop cluster to a Snowflake cloud data warehouse on AWS. Using AtScale he and his team were able to provide query performance optimization and a single, virtualized view of the data delivered as Data-as-a-Service. Snowflake’s elastic, scalable resource model helps Rakuten Rewards bring additional computing power online to maintain responsiveness to queries during peak demand periods. He is happy with Snowflake and AtScale, but he’s learned a few things about how to tune things up to improve query speed while reducing costs that he’ll share with us.

What You Will Learn…

Dave and Mark will show how to: 

  • Manage the size of your data warehouse and adjust horizontal scaling settings.
  • Define and set limits on query times to prevent runaway queries.
  • Implement visibility and telemetry to monitor usage.
  • Automate the creation, maintenance and management of data aggregates.

How to Realize an Additional 270% ROI on Snowflake

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