September 6, 2019

The Four Cloud Transformation Capabilities of an Adaptive Analytics Fabric

An adaptive analytics fabric has the following four capabilities when bridging the gap between users and data: 1 - Bring all data (silos) to users’ fingertips IT organizations today have common server orchestration tools to manage their on-premises and cloud…

Posted by: Dan Schulwolf

August 5, 2019

Supercharge your DataOps: CIO and CDO unite to create a shared data intellect

Embracing DataOps DataOps seeks to realize the insight-driven business by creating better ways to develop and deliver analytics across organizations. DataOps emphasizes interactions, working analytics, customer collaboration, experimentation and cross-functional ownership over tools, documentation, contracts, upfront design and siloed responsibilities…

Posted by: Charlie Wong

August 2, 2019

How to Data Model on a Cloud Data Warehouse

What is a Cloud Data Warehouse? A cloud data warehouse is a database delivered in a public cloud as a managed service that is optimized for analytics, scale and ease of use. Cloud native data warehouses like Snowflake, Google BigQuery,…

Posted by: Dave Mariani

July 26, 2019

Removing Cloud Migration Roadblocks

Enterprises are moving to the cloud, but this move to become more data-driven is not without major growing pains along the way. According to CMSWire, in fact, in 2019, only 31% of organizations consider themselves data-driven, compared with 37% just…

Posted by: Charlie Wong

What is Data Extraction?

Data extraction is the process of retrieving data from data sources for further data processing or storage. Data extraction is perhaps the most important part of the Extract/Translate/Load (ETL) process because it inherently includes the decision making on which data…

Posted by: Matt Baird